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  1. Was a pretty good baseball player, but put most of my efforts into music in high school. I was a very good hitter.
  2. Played baseball until high school. Picked up golf freshman year of college. Been playing about 9 years now.
  3. Will definitely have to hit up Truth’s. Thanks for the suggestion! Looking forward to seeing the new facility and working with Chase/Hal. Always a great time!
  4. Tungsten weighting. I havent been using my LAB as much. I find it excels on fast greens, and I putt well with it on all greens. However, there’s something about a spider that just clicks for me. I’ve had my best rounds putting with one. The spider x chalk sets up nicely on the greens, is appealing to my eye, and I’m comfortable with it. The tech is great in the LAB, and when I struggle putting I go back to it. That said, I dont feel that I ‘need’ the LAB to putt well on a regular basis.
  5. My course closed for the season last Sunday, and I can say, I got it done. My handicap dropped to +1.4 with some solid rounds, by far the lowest my handicap has ever been. There’s still some golf left to be played around here away from my club and I’ll be traveling to play some. I’ve got a trip to work with Chase scheduled for next month, really looking forward to that. Here’s my most recent swings. I’m working hard on keeping my left shoulder down longer in transition. I’m mostly drawing my irons and playing a cut with driver.
  6. My hybrid was stock as well. They’re just still that far behind. I had It from a good source that during the lockdown they had 4 employees working in all of Acushnet filling orders. What a cluster.
  7. Had a TS3 hybrid take 6 weeks to arrive. Vokey SM8 from wedge works is going on 8 weeks. Probably 9 once it’s delivered.
  8. Swing looks great Heath. I struggle with too much right tilt as well. Chase has been working with me to stay in left tilt longer and it’s improved my game immensely, especially irons. For me, the harder I try to hit it, the more I want to right tilt. Like you said, it’s a subtle move but once you get it, things really click.
  9. Chase Cooper at Hal Sutton Golf Academy. Fantastic knowledge of biomechanics/3D. All the tech. And a great dude to boot. North side of Houston. You won’t regret it.
  10. Tournament season is pretty much over here. Covid wrecked my plans for that. Had 13 tournaments scheduled. All of them cancelled. Next year I’ll be jumping head first into tournament golf.
  11. With today's GHIN update, I'm officially at my lowest handicap ever, +0.4. I've had a bunch of rounds under par this year, and my anti-cap is so much lower that my score variance is significantly smaller. Overall, I'm playing the best golf I ever have, and its exciting. Hoping to get to +1 by the end of the season. I think I can get it done.
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