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  1. Overall, I'm hitting it really solid right now. Working on a more centered pivot in the backswing, which I feel I've done a good job at by extending more, downswing, I'm trying to stay in left tilt as long as possible while also not letting my left arm shift out too early (from a DTL view). Im hitting little cuts that are flighted nice and low (compared to my normal ballflight). Almost feels like my arms and hands are moving right while my pivot is turning left. Or as Chase says, a hooking motion with arms and hands, a slicing motion with the pivot. Dan explained it to me similarly, pivot stee
  2. I've had the pleasure of meeting and/or playing with probably 50+ WRX'ers since joining here. There's still quite a few I'd like to play with, especially those that frequent the instruction section where I've spent the majority of my time. In my SchneeWRX journey thread there's been tons of supportive people over the years, so it'd be cool to tee it up with them. To name a few: @games @Hawkeye77 @parmark @Ghost of Snead @rich_s2 There's also a few banned members I'd love to play with as well
  3. Figured I'd pop in for a quick update on my golf game. It's been a snowy and cold winter here in NY, but I've managed to get a decent amount of work in on my game. I've made tons of progress on the backswing, avoiding over-rotating and getting too deep. On the downswing front, I'm working on staying in left tilt without my left arm coming out too much from a DTL view. I've also been grinding really hard on steepening my AoA through all this using the towel drill. That's been paying huge dividends. Finally, I've been doing tons of putting work, specifically on my align
  4. Thanks for getting back to me on it. It's a sign from the Golf Gods to leave well enough alone!
  5. Sam, how do you guys install the press grips? I wanted to experiment with a different grip on mine but it’s impossible to get off! Tried solvent, air compressor etc. I’d really rather not cut off a perfectly good $40 grip! Edit to add: mine is a 2.M
  6. I had a bit of clicking in the beginning. It went away with PY for me. It still cracks now and again, especially when the weather changes. You and your golf game will make a nice recovery, just trust and listen to your doc
  7. It starts here. I went from a mid single digit back up to a 12 or so after my injury. Eventually got down to scratch a year or so after that.
  8. OP, I shattered my radius, (also distal radial fracture) about 6 years ago. You can look back in my SchneeWRX thread. I had mine surgically repaired with a plate and 12 screws. I broke it in the fall and was back playing golf by that spring. My biggest advice is go to PT and do all the exercises like they advise. I have full ROM and minimal daily pain. I still have some discomfort with pressure changes from the weather, but in general I'm good as new. Take it slow when getting back into playing and hitting balls. Take your time. If I did anything wrong, i
  9. Jon Bock at Club Champion in Hackensack. Best fitter I've worked with in the area. Won't give you a hard sell on equipment you don't need, but is knowledgeable and will help get you into the best stuff for your game.
  10. I was atrocious at flighting the ball and playing in the wind until I played in Scotland in 2018. 10 days there forced me to learn it. Was never really exposed to wind like that in the Northeast US before. I used to struggle with windy conditions. Now I welcome it.
  11. I took the changes to the course for the first time today. We had some 45° temps so I got out for 9 holes. I’ve been grinding on the changes in my garage lab since I got back from Texas. It’s nice having a blueprint of my swing to work off of. My work on lowpoint control is starting to pay off. Some of the most crisp contact I’ve had in forever. Being adequately steep on the ball has me taking a nice divot and the ballflight is insanely straight. Just a touch of fade, which is awesome. It’s going to take some time to trust the new move and not right tilt to try and save it.
  12. I’ll let Heath give his thoughts too, but for guys built like us, it’s easier to hit fades and keep our hands out in front and not overtilt to try and shift the path right to hit a draw. As far as the over the top feeling with the shoulders, both Dan Carraher and Chase had good descriptions for me: Dan: the pivot is the boat and the arms are the waterskiier. The pivot turns the corner and the arms are flung out to the ball. Chase: the pivot and shoulders make a slicing motion and the arms and hands make a hooking motion. long story short, the two moves
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