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  1. We haven’t had a golf club post here in a while! Mostly because I’ve been a fairly reformed club ho. My game has been in a good place the last couple seasons so I haven’t chased new equipment all that often. I decided to get some new irons this year for a couple reasons. First, my 714AP2 have gotten pretty worn. They also don’t have the best turf interaction for me down here off Bermuda fairways. Also, I’m a little tired of swinging S400 both from a joint/feedback standpoint and a weight standpoint. I’ve hit quite a few balls with MMT 105TX in the Callaway x forged CB, and
  2. Was great meeting you. Thanks for stopping by. Same goes for anyone in here, come on in if you're in Houston, or make a trip down to see us!
  3. No, other than the face, and the "limited run with white hot insert" on the sole, they look identical head and hosel wise to my eye
  4. We got two 34” in and are getting two 35” soon. I rolled a few putts with one. Insert feels great, nice and soft like we all love. looks clean at address with the black and red grip and red stroke lab shaft.
  5. Totally serendipitous. When I started this journey I was just trying to get better at golf. Never knew it would take me this far.
  6. A lot has changed since my last post in here. If you’ve followed any of my social media, you’ll see that I road tripped it down to Texas. I’ll expound upon the details at some point, but I made stops in the Pinehurst area to play Tobacco Road, and I played TPC Sawgrass. After staying with some friends on the Gulf Coast in Alabama, I made my way west to Houston, Texas. There’s an important reason that I’m here in Houston. I’m pleased to say that I’ve joined the team at Hal Sutton Golf Academy! I’m thrilled to be working with Hal Sutton, Chase Cooper, and Will Paulsell, a
  7. I tried around 10:30 because all the other ones have gone live sometime around 11am Eastern. It was long gone by then. Didn't check golfwrx first like I did with the Waste Management one. Oh well. I'll have to trade someone for one, not going to pay the flippers on eBay.
  8. This took a more unexpected turn than the Gh0st saga!
  9. Overall, I'm hitting it really solid right now. Working on a more centered pivot in the backswing, which I feel I've done a good job at by extending more, downswing, I'm trying to stay in left tilt as long as possible while also not letting my left arm shift out too early (from a DTL view). Im hitting little cuts that are flighted nice and low (compared to my normal ballflight). Almost feels like my arms and hands are moving right while my pivot is turning left. Or as Chase says, a hooking motion with arms and hands, a slicing motion with the pivot. Dan explained it to me similarly, pivot stee
  10. I've had the pleasure of meeting and/or playing with probably 50+ WRX'ers since joining here. There's still quite a few I'd like to play with, especially those that frequent the instruction section where I've spent the majority of my time. In my SchneeWRX journey thread there's been tons of supportive people over the years, so it'd be cool to tee it up with them. To name a few: @games @Hawkeye77 @parmark @Ghost of Snead @rich_s2 There's also a few banned members I'd love to play with as well
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