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  1. Saturday Tickets $425 for the pair including PayPal Fees and shipping let's get em sold!
  2. Alright, gonna split these up. Willing to sell individual days (but still in pairs of tix) Wed/Thurs: $100 for the pair Friday: $500 for the pair Saturday: $550 for the pair Sunday: $450 for the pair SOLD Prices include Priority Mail Express shipping and PayPal fees.
  3. Looking to sell these as a pair. (2) Weekly International Pavilion tickets. Gains you access to grounds and the International Pavilion presented by Michelob Ultra. Price includes Priority Mail Express shipping and PayPal fees! Wed/Thurs: $100 for the pair SOLD! Friday: $500 for the pair SOLD! Sunday: $450 for the pair SOLD Saturday Tickets $425 for the pair including PayPal Fees and shipping let's get em sold!
  4. Add to this the Fact that the shoes will be here Friday, 2 days basically from when I reported the defect (end of business on Tuesday) that’s fantastic turnaround time.
  5. I have a pair of OG Premiums that I really like. Got them about 11 months ago. After a morning round, the dew and water from the irrigation system had my feet soaked. They have a 2 year waterproof warranty. I contacted TRUE and they asked for a few pictures. Within minutes, they sent me an order confirmation for a replacement pair and told me to keep these for a dry day. Such a great company. Thanks TRUE!
  6. Yikes. Thanks for the head's up. Looks like I'll be contacting the seller I bought it from. Upon measuring again, it appears to be 3" from the e to the tip. Going to pull the listing until then. Thanks @jblough99 for the help.
  7. One item up for sale tonight. Ventus Blue Velocore 6X with Taylormade tip and GP Midsize Tour Velvet. Measures just shy of 44", plays 45.25" in my SiM. I believe it's tipped an inch. Measures 3" from E in Velocore to the tip. $225 Shipped and PayPal'd OBRO to the lower 48. **Pulled to clarify tipping with original owner**
  8. - Have you hit a Ventus shaft yet? What model? Yes, Ventus Blue 6x and Ventus Black 6x - What Ventus TX shaft do you want to win? Ventus Blue 6TX - What club in your bag would a Ventus TX go in? Taylormade Sim 9.0 Driver
  9. Hzrdus Hulk PVD 6.5 Small Batch Driver shaft with Taylormade adapter. No tipping, measures 44 5/8”. Midsize MCC+4 align grip. $225 shipped and PayPal’d OBRO
  10. T200 are stupid good. They honestly look like a set of AP2's. Titleist is going to sell a ton of them. I'll likely have 1 or more for a driving iron/long iron replacement. U505 is also extremely hot, but very chunky. Not exactly a players club but it's good.
  11. I had the chance to see and hit the new T100 today. 4i, 7i, Pw. They look incredible. Super clean lines, nice satin/dull chrome finish, just super classy. We had both iterations of T100 next to each other, and the new ones just look so much better. The pictures don't do them justice, they're very good looking. From address, they look cb/mb like. Very thin topline, great progressive blade length. I hit them with AMT White and they felt really really good. Similar flight and performance to my Apex TCB, but softer feeling than my irons. I will be getting a set of these if circumstances allow. They're so good. If you don't like pictures, wait until you see them in person. You'll like them.
  12. We haven’t had a golf club post here in a while! Mostly because I’ve been a fairly reformed club ho. My game has been in a good place the last couple seasons so I haven’t chased new equipment all that often. I decided to get some new irons this year for a couple reasons. First, my 714AP2 have gotten pretty worn. They also don’t have the best turf interaction for me down here off Bermuda fairways. Also, I’m a little tired of swinging S400 both from a joint/feedback standpoint and a weight standpoint. I’ve hit quite a few balls with MMT 105TX in the Callaway x forged CB, and it’s a great shaft. So, I went with Callaway TCB 4-PW with MMT 105TX. +1/2” length and +2° upright. Also switched grips to midsize Align MCC instead of +4’s. Initial results are very pleasing. Played well with them this week, 14 GIR in their first outing. Feel can best be described as solid. They’re not super soft like a mizuno or miura, but the feedback is nice and the sound is nice. Launch angle is down 3-4° compared to my 714AP2, spin is similar to a touch higher which is a positive. Carry is up about 5 yards on average as well. Just a flatter ballflight and much tighter dispersion. I like them a lot because they’re a nice small cavity back, a thinner sole and look good at address without being overly intimidating, especially in the long irons. They did a nice job with the pitching wedge and short irons too. They blend well. I’ll post some pictures of them outside the next time I play.
  13. Looking forward to it!
  14. Was great meeting you. Thanks for stopping by. Same goes for anyone in here, come on in if you're in Houston, or make a trip down to see us!
  15. No, other than the face, and the "limited run with white hot insert" on the sole, they look identical head and hosel wise to my eye
  16. We got two 34” in and are getting two 35” soon. I rolled a few putts with one. Insert feels great, nice and soft like we all love. looks clean at address with the black and red grip and red stroke lab shaft.
  17. Now we're talking!!!
  18. Totally serendipitous. When I started this journey I was just trying to get better at golf. Never knew it would take me this far.
  19. Yessir! Lessons and club fittings.
  20. A lot has changed since my last post in here. If you’ve followed any of my social media, you’ll see that I road tripped it down to Texas. I’ll expound upon the details at some point, but I made stops in the Pinehurst area to play Tobacco Road, and I played TPC Sawgrass. After staying with some friends on the Gulf Coast in Alabama, I made my way west to Houston, Texas. There’s an important reason that I’m here in Houston. I’m pleased to say that I’ve joined the team at Hal Sutton Golf Academy! I’m thrilled to be working with Hal Sutton, Chase Cooper, and Will Paulsell, and excited to see what comes from this crazy adventure. I’ve begun the PGA program, and have already passed the requirements to officially become a PGA associate. I’m working to become a Class A professional in the Southern Texas PGA Section. I’m sure I’ll continue this thread in some way, but wanted to share with you guys the great news. This wonderful game has taken me places I’ve never imagined, and I can’t wait to see what else golf has in store for me. Thank you to everyone that has read this thread since the beginning. If anyone wants to tee it up in the greater Houston area, drop me a PM. -Chris
  21. I tried around 10:30 because all the other ones have gone live sometime around 11am Eastern. It was long gone by then. Didn't check golfwrx first like I did with the Waste Management one. Oh well. I'll have to trade someone for one, not going to pay the flippers on eBay.
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