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  1. I played 909mb irons last year. Loved the feel and the ball flight. I just put together a set of Nike Vapor Pro Combo irons that I plan to put in play once the season starts in a few months.
  2. I just measured my Vapor Pro Combo 5-iron head, should be the same as the blades . Shaft insertion depth is 33mm, BBGM is also 33mm. There is also a weight port that is 7mm deep.
  3. Wow, those are gorgeous. I would love a set of those. I just picked up a set of pro combo irons that were in pretty rough shape. The previous owner had removed the black and painted the Nike symbol gold. The aluminum back plates were in rough shape so I tried a little carbon fibre look vinyl car wrap. I will shaft them with S400 TI once the collared ferrules arrive.
  4. The vinyl is designed for automative use so it will probably hold and I have plenty left over. To be honest, I would have preferred that the heads were still in the original finish.
  5. This is what happens when you get bored during the off season. I pulled all of the aluminium back plates and covered them with automotive carbon look vinyl. I have no idea if it will stay on, but it looks a lot better than it did before.
  6. Well, so much for that idea. I couldn't find a S400 or S300 shaft anywhere. Everything is on backorder or not available locally. I did have a S300 shaft that I had planned on using but it was a .370 parallel tip so I couldn't use that one. I decided to install extensions in each shaft and will reinstall them straight in. It turns out that these Nike heads have a weight port and it was a real pain getting the weights out. I just have to wait for the collared ferrules I ordered to arrive and will get the clubs finished in a while. This is an excellent winter offseason project to keep be t
  7. Thanks Howard, That is exactly what I will do. Appreciate everyone's suggestions.
  8. I realize that these irons are a few years old but I thought a quick picture would be OK. I just bought a set of these irons that already had the black PVD finish removed but the back inserts are pretty beat up. I applied a bit of heat and the plate came right off. It is just held on with 2-sided tape. Unfortunately, it there is a small engraving behind the plate. This is the PW head. I may just cove each plate with carbon look vinyl and reattach.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. I can't find any individual S400 shafts available in Canada so I think I will just install a S300 straight in. BTW, does anyone know where the shaft chart disappeared to. It used to be at the top of this forum section.
  10. I just purchased a set of used Nike Vapor Pro Combo irons (4-PW) with S400 TI shafts. Unfortunately the shafts are all .5" shorter than my preferred length. All of the clubs currently swingweight to D4 so i suspect that tip weights were used. Rather than add extensions to each shaft, I have decided to softstep them. Unfortunately I do not have a S400 shaft to use in the 4-iron. If I use a S300 shaft, would I also softstep it, or should I install it normally in the 4-iron?
  11. The fact that there is a hole in the stuck item is a sure giveaway that it is a tip weight. They come in various lengths and materials depending on how much weight is needed. you can take a small screwdriver and insert it between the hosel and the weight and pry it a bit to see if it moves. Do this several times on all sides and it should just drop out. If not, then more heat is needed. Drilling is also an option as it appears to be brass.
  12. Does anyone know the insertion depth for a Sim Max D 5-wood. I can get a good deal on one locally but it has a senior flex shaft. I have a few stiff flex shafts that I can use but some have a lot of tip prep.
  13. The last time I was on a GC2, the iron preset was 1.36 and the driver was 1.48. Since the Foresight just measures ball speed and uses the preset calculation to get clubhead speed, then your clubhead speed if probably closer to 100mph. Assuming you are making good contact and getting a decent smash factor number.
  14. I have had 4 aces and could not tell you what I scored for any of the rounds. I can tell you exactly what club I hit and what the ball flight and spin was for each shot though.
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