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  1. Same. Ive had the pleasure of playing it like 6 times. Still will be bummed i cant anymore.
  2. Pulled from my 0211 irons. Standard length. Lamkin PXG grips. Asking $150 shipped.
  3. Just got word that as of 5/1 no booking through Talamore or Tobacco Road. Fully private.
  4. They went private Jan 1, 2020 except for if you book through Talamore or Tobacco Road. But i believe even that is ending this year.
  5. Ive done 3 different fittings. The only time i paid $50 was the time i didnt buy something right then and there. The other 2 times it was waived.
  6. 34.5" in length. Used for a few months. Excellent condition. Asking $210 shipped.
  7. I just bought my driver and 3 wood 2 weeks ago and they are $50 less each. Glad i saw this. I just reached out to them.
  8. Hzrdus Yellow. Both my SIM and M6 if i missed it, i couldnt keep it on the planet. With the 0211 i was 10 yards carry longer and my dispersion was way better.
  9. I was fitted for the 0211 3 wood and hit it off the deck just fine. I didnt compare the head size with the Gen 2 or even my M6 that i brought but it doesnt appear any bigger than normal.
  10. Agreed, i would put it somewhere in the $1300-$1500 range.
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