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  1. Worth it. I feel a putter is the most important club in the bag. I too am a lefty, one of the reasons why i was drawn to PXG.
  2. I waited till the following day to sign up and the waitlist had at least 15 people so i didnt bother. I have never seen it fill up this quickly. Will be the first time in 6 years i do not play.
  3. Carolina - 30k Cedarwood - 3k (because of you're age) Providence - 25k Ballantyne - 25k FWIW Piper Glenn is 5k, Firethorne is 12k, Raintree is 6k (2 courses though), and Longview is 75k. I think thats it for the south Charlotte ones. Anyhow, i have played Firethorne, feel it was ok. Most people ive talked to say its the worst layout of all the private Charlotte courses haha. But its a Clubcorp course, as well as Piper Glenn, and you have Riverrun up in Davidson. So at least you get reciprocal playing.
  4. Ive bought all my golf pants off of ebay. Including shorts. I dont think i ever paid over $50.
  5. I would say its painfully fake, but its really only painfully fake to a trained eye. For fakes, they look pretty nice.
  6. spineshank

    Pxg gen 2

    My buddy has an OG Spider. I would say the Gen 2 is much softer. I generally feel all insert putters (minus Odyssey) have a firm feel.
  7. Besides the bermuda getting dormant and what not i would say they are usually in good condition.
  8. #2 ive played for 275, #4 for 225. Mid Pines and Pine Needles are like 95 i think. I played TR for like 60 last December.
  9. Legacy is one of the better Pinehurst courses overall i feel. Foxfire has one course thats pretty good, the other is just ok. I thought Beacon Ridge, 7 Lakes, and WW, are eh at best.
  10. No thanks. I am a weird one who is LH, but i play RH, except i putt LH.
  11. Excellent condition. Everything is original minus the grip. 35". No headcover is included. SOLD
  12. spineshank

    Pxg gen 2

    Size wise you mean? I would say the mini is probably 25% smaller head. I didnt mind the regular version when i tested it. i just didnt putt with it as well as i did the mini. My mini comes Monday. Will probably get to play 9 with it on Wednesday.
  13. I got a few irons that have MCC Plus 4 grips on em. Game changer for me. Replaced my other grips with them.
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