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  1. haven't been on this site in a while but Gott Golf does outdoor fitting with a Flightscope monitor to help with tuning. They have practically every piece of equipment you will ever want. Try them out as they are WAY cheaper than d'Lance and just as good or even better. d'Lance uses out of date equipment and is all indoor.
  2. ya Golfsmith has some clubs with nice shafts in them sometimes. I was at my local GS the other day and found a Nike VR Pro hybrid with a real deal GD AD-DI 85s shaft in it. And I only payed $65 for it. I only bought the club for the shaft and immediately pulled it when I got home. My hybrid is better than ever now
  3. there's already a thread in the Tour and Pre-Release Equipment section
  4. Hey guys I need to sell my Cleveland Classic 290 7.5* to fund a new set of irons. Has the stock Miyazaki C.Kua 43-S shaft in it. The driver is used and shoes some use. On the back of the driver is a really small dent with 3 small scratches. can't be seen from address and is just cosmetic. Doesn't affect performance at all. The headcover is also not included since I never received one when I purchased the driver. I am asking $130 shipped standard. If you want faster shipping add accordingly. The price is OBO so offer up. I will also throw in a CG14 60* wedge into the box since I
  5. that 82 is really helping. uses the lowest scores so that score is really throwing the number off.
  6. not a single reply! Need help on selling this. Don't know what to list it for!
  7. Hey guys I have a question. I bought a Cleveland Classic 290 7.5 at GS the other day and hit it pretty good but just hate the stock shaft and don't have the money for the shaft that I know fits me well. First questions is this head more rare than the others since I almost never see it anywhere or just not popular. Second questions is how much do these run for. It has the 43-S shaft in it. It also has a small dent on the back of the driver but very small.
  8. Cleveland Classic 7.5 for $110 at Golfsmith! Mispriced in the used section so I took advantage. I hit that thing so well also
  9. Done! I use the Golfshot app on the iPhone and love it. I can't play golf without it! I did get to play with a rangefinder one day and I love the ease of use the units offer. I would love to try a dedicated GPS app though since I wouldn't have to worry about my iPhone dying during the round. Always a bummer! Thanks for the opportunity!
  10. ya I'm jealous you got all those nice clubs BRAND FREAKING NEW. How did you find those in that condition.
  11. I have a set of the Callaway Fusion irons and the uniflex shafts are actually made by Nippon so maybe asking them also.
  12. ya Im hoping it's broken haha. it was just weird because for woods it worked perfect then the irons just shot up to that high of spin. happened on a couple simulators now that I think of it. I switched simulators to try the FG-62 out and the spin was exactly the same.
  13. I was at the PGA Superstore trying to irons out today and found that my spin for the 6 irons I hit were around the 9500 rpm mark. Is that way too high for a 6 iron. I got to hit the CB5 they had and the spin was about 200 rpm over what my current fairway is so the spin isn't outrageously over. I personally set the station to have no wind, normal fairways, flat, sea level, and dry conditions so nothing would change the outcome of the shot. Some shots actually make it to the 10,000 rpm range which really surprised me. I do have a relatively steep angle of attack so that might be it. Every
  14. I'm getting fit for some new irons pretty soon and was looking for a good fitter around the Denver area. I've never been fitted so I really don't know anyone that does it other than the big box stores. Thanks for the help!
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