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  1. ok thanks for the info. ordered mine 20.3 with a rdx shaft. heard nothing yet. fingers crossed it will be soon
  2. does someone knows custom order delivery times for sim2 drivers for europe?
  3. does anyone has more information about that bettinardi putter with the lagolf shaft? price? where to order? thanks for the help and information. pic is from here https://www.golfwrx.com/651039/valero-texas-open-tour-truck-report-stenson-back-in-diablo-rickies-limited-edition-driver-latest-autoflex-er/?utm_source=Front&utm_medium=Featured_Center_Sub&utm_campaign=GolfWRX_OnSite&utm_content=sub
  4. so supporting texas, but just if the price is right. sounds like supporting texas, but just if the team is winning.
  5. what nike shoes is/was scottie scheffler wearing in round 4 against rahm?
  6. maybe give it a try with some other insoles. could make a big difference.
  7. need some help to find THE shaft for me. numbers are with a sim2 9°, proforce V2 6F4 ( a bit to heavy much for my liking) ss is around 96. spin avg. 2700rpm (i cant get nothing under 2500. sim2 is just the most forgiving for me. carry 205meters/224 yard launch 15° smash 1.41 any suggestions??? thanks for the help.
  8. if i get the chance, i try this out this afternoon. it's also on my shoppinglist. and shops reopend again since the closedown 6 weeks ago.
  9. why didn't you throw the sim2 ti in the mix. would be adjustable
  10. maybe someone here can give me a recommendation. planing to boy something that fits between my 5wood (srixon 19°) and a driver. would like to get a ping g425 5wood (17,5°) set at 16°. but then the face will be open that i don't like. the 3wood 14,5° set at 15,5 or 16 might do the trick, but i struggle with the longer shaft. so? cut the 3wood shaft? look somewhere else? would like to play a club with a square face.
  11. The only guy i could think who could do it in the next couple of decades, is Morikawa
  12. rory has a point. of couse athlets and gear will get better over time. just make those courses harder to play. make the fairway narrower and softer, the rough harder to get out of and fairway bunkers deeper. basically just like every course normal humans have to play.
  13. is TM still attending the PGA show, even if it's just virtual? and apparently we'll see some new TM, Callaway and PXG stuff next week.
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