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  1. as the titel suggests, i just cant. as a fader of the ball, the shot either ballons or it powerslides into the woods, water or the OB. the next club in the is a 5wood and i still got two spots left. is anyone successful with a 3wood, that he just uses off the tee and its better into the wind than the driver? what would be some options? ping lst?
  2. come on. it's probalbly the first time a OEM doesn't release their new stuff not in the US. is it really that bad or are you a bit overdramatic? it would be even funnier to me if they would start releasing the new line in europe first you'll (the US) get it just a few weeks later, but in the end, christmas (g425) will come for all of us
  3. i know it's all a bit early, but does anyone know what graphite shafts are available for the 425 irons, besides the alta? and also. will there be new wedges?
  4. that's a thing i don't get. why should i pay them a drink? they did nothing. they all should buy me a drink.
  5. tbh. he looks really unhealthy.
  6. question here for the americans. how does your hcp system work? i've heard that you just register your good rounds and sign the card yourself. would be no wonder everyone is really good at golf.
  7. since you have some amount of shoes... how is the sizing of the Roshe G Tour compared to the others?
  8. the swiss government said it's that date so far.
  9. switzerland just closed every golf course and range until april 19th
  10. i asume that TM made him put a hybrid in the bag for this week to increase the hype/sales. probably won't be in his bag for long
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