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  1. Set of Cally x2Hot 4-AW irons in reg flex. Specced at -1/2" with Speedstep 85 shafts. Gamed for about 15 rounds this year and in excellent shape. No dings or issues. Grips are all like brand new. Looking for $325 paypaled and shipped to the 48.
  2. Decent set of original AP2 irons up today. The faces and grooves are all in good condition with no browning. The 9 iron and wedge had dings in the soles from previous owner. Tried to get a pic that shows this on both clubs.Luckily, my swing takes advantage of irons by spreading hits across the face instead of beating the same area repeatedly. This set has KBS Tour 90 shafts in 5-PW in stiff flex and playing at 1/2" short and 1 degree flat. The 3 iron has the original project X 5.5 in it and the 4 iron is head only. Those 2 clubs have rarely been hit. Looking for $210 shipped and paypal'ed.
  3. gone....sorry to all that missed. Never expected quite this kind of response!
  4. Black frame Flak Jackets with polarized black iridium and G30 lenses. Nose and ear pieces are new. Frames are in excellent condition. Black iridiums are in good shape with very very minor wear and the G30's are like new. Comes with the vault and bag for the spare lenses. Looking for $75 shipped.
  5. Going to second the Oakleys. Picked up a few this past season and it is my favorite line to wear on the course now.
  6. I have walked Heatherwoode, but would never do it again. Couple of spots you have a long hike to the next tee box.
  7. I can get the cally tip pulled if you are interested. PM me if that is something you would be interested in as it will be easier to check.
  8. Diamana S+ x5ct in stiff flex. Tipped 1/2" and has new Cally X-hot tip installed. Playing length is 44.5". New Winn Dri-tac Lite grip is installed. $95 $90 shipped to main 48. Project X PXv shaft in stiff flex. Also has the Cally X-hot tip and Dri-tac Lite grip. Playing length 44.5". $85 $80 shipped. GD Tour AD DI 6s in stiff flex. Tipped 5/8" and has Xhot tip and Dri-tac lite grip. Shaft was pured and is playing at 44-7/8". $200 $180 shipped. Taylormade Tour Preferred CB iron heads. Gamed for a little over a year. Very little wear showing and they are still in great shape. Set is
  9. If you do not own a milling machine, the easiest way would be to get yourself a very small round file. Cut a couple of small blocks of wood to use as a guide and clamp them on.
  10. I shoot mostly handguns, but did pick up a .17 HMR that is pretty nice to shoot. Springfield XD 9mm, Kimber Pro Carry HD in .38 Super, and S&W 686 2.5" in .357 are the primary shooters. I installed the Powder River kit in the XD and it does make a big difference. Don't get to shoot much anymore as ammo prices and availability has been complete crap since GWB left office. Even reloading components are just ridiculously hard to stock up on.
  11. [quote name='mich750' timestamp='1369509193' post='7106284'] I have heard their custom shop does a really nice job of cleaning everything up. I will most likely follow up with them on the 38 inch putter. Thanks Jeff [/quote] For what its worth, I have done the exact same thing you are wanting to do. My Kombi was of the long variety until I got ahold of it. There are a few things here you might want to know..... First, that Kombi head is 500 grams. When you cut it down it is going to feel like a sledgehammer. I like heavy putters as well, but this is HEAVY. I took 130 grams out of th
  12. The Gorilla stuff has worked exceptionally well for me. The 3m 810 would be my choice if I could find it locally and was doing a bunch of clubs. We recently did a 7 iron shaft test before ordering a set of KBS....we shafted and hit the club on the range full bore in 30 minutes.
  13. I have had the same set of Dritacs on for over a year. They have been great grips for rain or high heat and humidity. I am not a range rat, but I have no real wear showing on them. There are times I will even get my glove damp with water on purpose, simply because those grips seem to stick like glue when your glove is damp.
  14. easy peasy. Use a .17 or .22 caliber rifle cleaning rod down through the grip hole. If the cork is broken it should be able to push the broken pieces out or at least get them down close and held in place where you can get a drill bit on the cork to shred it. If it is not going to go through the hole easy, lube it with mineral spirits.
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