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  1. Bortass and I have talked about this... I think here? Maybe elsewhere... the question becomes where do you spend what little practice time you have... and can you do it effectively to improve what you need to improve... he’s been focused on long term improvements in his “long game” and I think it made sense in the context of what he was doing... avoiding penalty strokes, putting the ball in play and not topping 4 woods into hazards is a great way to improve... I do think there is some low hanging fruit on the short game side... though I’d argue getting bet
  2. It’s great. You will like it!
  3. I’ve had chs up to 115... last time I got fit my 7 iron was 96 mph... i was playing regular flex shafts. they were fine. I’d suggest trying things and figuring out what you like... personally, I think weight is a bigger factor than flex. I’m also unsure why you don’t want S+. The s400s are awesome and probably my favorite shaft.
  4. I’ve been playing their new hybrid and love it.
  5. Back is feeling great. I think I got lucky in that it was a cartilage tear, so there shouldn’t be lingering issues now that I have it fixed... got a lesson this morning and I had been putting my weight way back in my heels... working on being more in my toes (in a more athletic position, like you’d be waiting to volley in volleyball) and it felt way better. it also significantly helped my “power” wedge shots... the low launch, high spinners... id been unable to hit them and feel some more confidence now. It is interesting how much difference grass vs mat mak
  6. Love my 58 low bounce... it’s a workhorse. plenty of spin, looks great and the grind works for me... haven’t had any major issues and have 3 full rounds with them plus some 9s and practice. definitely low bounce, though... I use it less than the 54 286 I have, simply due to the bounce.
  7. I didn’t break 85 today... it was ugly... my third 18 since august, though!
  8. Pulled the trigger on some foot joys... my club is trying to generate more sales, so they are 10% off retail ($135) which i will call a win.
  9. Yeah, so the long story short for me Is I’ve been wearing 14 4E for 10+ years... went to a new balance store and they put me into 13 4e which were comfortable... I was hoping the change would open up a new world of shoe possibilities, but it seems to basically be the same options.
  10. I don’t think cobra will care what irons he plays, but I’m sure they can make him something.
  11. Obviously feel is important, but if the numbers are significantly better, I’d try to get used to it!
  12. Anyone have any favorites for spiked golf shoes in 4E at size 13? FootJoy and New Balance are my default choices, but I'd love to hear from anyone who has some other suggestions.
  13. I really like my Smith glasses, but don't wear them for golf... they are polarized, so I'm not sure if that's a deal breaker... Goodr has some cheap options, but it doesn't seem like you lose sun glasses... For me, it was more about finding things that fit my pumpkin head.
  14. I should have explained where my mind went... basically, for whatever reason I thought maybe the resupply would have been tied to the new ball dropping... I have no idea why.
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