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  1. Obvious solution is to go get fit for a new seemore! Highly recommend the experience.
  2. Taylor made should now own all the adams patents... they definitely built drivers that perform, i still have my fast 12 ls in the house. I think they had a unique advantage of being small and with a smart, passionate leader in Barney. They took risks and made some great equipment. I’m still playing cmbs. that said, lots of golf stuff overlaps... if it works, others will find a way to incorporate it.
  3. I've been on this forum for a long time... and have never really heard anyone talk about these drivers... maybe it's a hidden gem that hasn't been discovered in 8 years, but in my experience, the brands that people like and trust get hyped up here... (Sub70 has a stellar reputation and I was impressed by their quality and service)... They definitely have a presence on the long drive market, but I wonder how much difference their is between the quality their staffers get and what they sell to the public. I'm on their e-mail list and get some communications that make me t
  4. Just waiting on the shipping notice! mat has already gotten lots of use.
  5. They refreshed the silver 110... not sure how it’s different.
  6. And if you go to the putter forum, it's more about the best looking putters and not "what will improve my strokes gained on the green"... Honestly, there aren't a ton of conversation on here about actually getting better at golf...
  7. This is the challenge of improving at golf without letting it take over your life... if your practice time is limited, and you feel like your spending it well on the range working on your ball striking, then stick to what you are doing... trying to split it up is just going to hurt you in both areas. Putting is a completely different animal... I’m trying to improve on it myself and have had a couple of false starts and have wasted time working on the wrong things. I think I’m on the correct path now, but won’t know for quite some time... two of the big takeaways
  8. I replaced my 95 Taylor made burner irons last January... with 2012 adams cmbs... I played some good golf last year... there isn’t all that much technology in non distance irons. If you like the set you have, game them... loft might make a difference, but that just means your new pitching wedge replaces your old gap wedge as a club... toss a hybrid in at the bottom of your bag and you’ll be good to go. if you want more technology in your irons, buy a set of players distance irons.
  9. After the 10th-12th club, you are looking at situational clubs that depend on your game and your course... if you are playing the same course regularly, just pay attention to what shots keep popping up that you don’t have a great solution for... if you play a number of courses, I think a wedge that has a different profile from your main wedges makes a ton of sense... high bounce or low bounce depending on your courses and the conditions... If you’re playing in Texas, a low bounce option tends to make sense... also, bring a fiddle... if you are playing a ton of long shot
  10. You have to see the card giver again, so it's probably worth it to buy something for yourself... You have adult kids who play golf, and want to give back to the First Tee program... Honestly, I think a little bit of ingenuity and some splitting of the baby and you can knock out all these goals... First Tee: Buy a cheap kids set and donate it... does something good for them, you know they will use it... and hopefully helps a kid out. US Kids Set is $160... $340 left to spend. Kids: Dozen golf balls each. Who doesn't like free golf balls? I'm going with Bridgestone becau
  11. This sounds like a problem of who you ask and how you ask... sometimes you get the wrong person and they are going to follow the book... sometimes you ask in a way that make people want to help you... ping has a very customer first reputation, so maybe he just didn’t ask the right person for help. The reps in the field know how to get things done and can make the system work for you... it’s a bummer of a situation, but graphite can easily crack if it isn’t treated right... seems like a bad lick situation and it’s too bad ping didn’t do more.
  12. Brought my putter to a fitting... it didn’t register on the swing weight scale (too heavy) and weighed around 650 grams... Still not 100% sure why I’m having distance control problems. I kept going heavier in putters to help my control... getting fit convinced me to go lighter.
  13. Long write up on my experience is posted in the sponsors thread up top... very pleased with the experience. Cody was awesome. Fitting was awesome. I’m excited to get my new putter and picked up a training mat that seems really intuitive (it was also $30 or so, which is wonderfully priced for a good training aid) Their home office isn’t a Mecca of putting or anything, it’s just a an office with a warehouse... the people inside that office and the putters they build are awesome. $150 for a fitting was worth it... getting on a Sam and time spent with a guy who knows his st
  14. I went to seemore and got on a Sam... I have a ton of confidence that Cody is going to build a putter that will help me improve my setup, which will help me improve my putting... I’d say working with a good fitter and getting a putter built is awesome but not exactly easy... a good fitting is more than length and arc... I don’t know enough about putter fitting to suggest how to find a good one... I’m close enough to Nashville and trusted seemore. This is not an ad, I had to play full price for my putter... it was worth the money for me, but I’ve never had a putter I really like and
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