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  1. I’ve read here a couple of times you should try all the adapter settings because they might surprise you... have you been on a launch monitor at all with the driver? Maybe you are getting less spin, so it has a flatter peak and better roll out? maybe your angle of attack is better? hard to know the exact reason without getting hard data from a launch monitor.
  2. I think the market has generically moved away from made for shafts... it makes sense to get a significant bull discount when you agree to buy thousands of shafts... also, a “made for” atmos that underperforms is bad for atmos as well... but yes, sometimes it’s easier to buy a whole club and sell the part you don’t want... I’ve bought a number of clubs just for the shaft.
  3. I think this bit is the important bit... do you want to add distance or do you think the rust will shake off and you’ll regain some? i, personally, hate the feel of distance irons... they tend to feel springy or hollow. Honestly, I’d start with a ping fitting. They tend to be low pressure and will give you honest feedback vs you s56. That should at least get you to what sort of clubs you are looking for... from there just find the brand you like most.
  4. Yeah, that’s a decent description of how I felt... it was 15 years ago, but I remember quitting three holes in. sucks to come off a good round and not feel right! Hopefully it was the meds and you can avoid them in the future.
  5. What did you order? I haven’t had a bad interaction with sub70 staff... they all seem to be engaged with getting things done right... i got into the weeds on something and they sent me to ceo Jason. He was fun to talk to and more important, his recommendation was spot on. its a small thing, but I went to a fitting elsewhere and we were stuck between the s300 and the x100... I liked the x100 better, but my numbers were worse... fitter hemmed and hawed... Jason said, oh, I have the s400, just do that... and maybe that’s an easy fix, but it wasn’t given to me as an opti
  6. I think it’s Allegra that makes me janky... one of them will mess with my head and negatively impact my swing... I’m fine with it until I start doing something physical. I don’t remember which one it is, though... benadryl can knock you are your butt as well.
  7. New mizuno and callaway wedges are worth a look... personally, I’m going more forgiving, less friendly around the green in pw and gw and blade style wedges in sw and lw next season. I think.
  8. If it’s not fixed, corporate is definitely the best route... give them a chance to fix it and hopefully address local issues... they can’t fix what they don’t know about (assuming the local store doesn’t fix it)
  9. I don’t mean to imply that was the goal of the sales targets, but from what I’ve heard of their fittings, it seems like they focus on “the best fit regardless of cost”... I don’t know... fitting is such an interesting and developing industry... it’s interesting to watch the market develop in real time. It’s also got the interesting incentives of squeezing maximum revenue out of a fitting vs building a long term relationship... honestly, one of the things I most respect about ping is how they focus on relationships. my dad had a great fitting through them and didn’
  10. Let us know how this resolves... be good to see that they stand by there fittings. sounds like your initial experience was less than ideal. I know a local fitter who was interviewing for the club champion here in Louisville... he said their sales targets were aggressive, so I have some concerns about their business model, but don’t have any actual experience. hopefully, they make things right!
  11. I’d really like to see his swing path numbers compared to other pros... I feel like his setup is designed for a more consistent swing path to reduce spin variation... then it’s just a matter of face angle at impact to hit the ball on his target line.. thats my current operating theory.
  12. Bummer! This is my first foray into back pain and it has not been much fun. Appreciate the knowledge on naproxen, I’ll be careful with it moving forward.
  13. Done! I’m on to hydrocodone! That doesn’t have any negative consequences right? Thanks for the heads up, I’ll stop taking it... I was taking 6 instead of 4 most days I was taking it (up to nine)... I’m also not small. seeing the neurosurgeon on Thursday, so hopefully won’t be on opiates for too long. Fortunately, they make me feel nauseous and tired (while also killing the pain). generically, I’m a big fan of listening to my body tell me when I’m in pain... bulging disc has been challenging.
  14. Hopped up on opiates and skipped the fitting... apparently have a bulging disk! my cousin, who’s a crazy golf guy, said his edel fitting was the best thing he’s ever done... is he gaming an edel? No... but apparently some of the information crosses over for what to look for in putters... helping you aim and everything else.
  15. Anyone have a favorite brand of sunglasses for big heads? I prefer the wraparound style... had a pair of Smith kings that I wore for four years until they were tragically crushed in a massacre of my own bare foot... I haven’t found a pair of glasses that correctly wrap around my big head since.
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