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  1. I think if you master the process, the results will follow… why were you missing 4 footers? Bad start line? Tempo? Read? obviously something was off, so I’d still look at process… I think goals should exist to check and make sure you are working on the right things… if you have a goal of sinking putts from 1-6 feet, you need to make sure your putting process is good… if you keep missing 4-5 footers, instead of getting frustrated at the result you should step back and look at why you are missing them and then work on that.
  2. I think the problem here is you are more focused on result than process… I’ve improved my putting a ton this season and rarely hit the ball at a hole in practice. I like to do things like work on speed control and tempo, and make sure I’m doing those thing correctly, and I’ve seen them translate to better on course putting results. Grinding 4 foot putts isn’t necessarily going to make you better and it might hurt your confidence on the course…
  3. Allegedly back to the regular tees this week… but have been traveling and will have been off for a week. Going to try to lay off caffeine and get good rest heading in and see if it changes anything.
  4. Not until Wednesday… I’m hoping we are back at the regular tees by then… Forward tees exposes my weaknesses a lot more. Wedge game, especially from under 50 yards and putting have been weak. ive been pumping driver and my irons have been on point, but I’m not hitting much of either from the forward tees.
  5. 100% Honestly, I don’t have many eagles on par 5s… and I can reach most of them in 2. I realize that’s three good shots, but I have 3 reachable 5s in my usual round… I think I have one eagle in 50 rounds.
  6. Poorly. I’m starting to fully grasp I can’t bounce back from not sleeping like I used to. My fine motor control was awful. But I was exhausted…
  7. Yeah, my course is on the front tees right now… I’m decently long and have hybrid into 2 holes, 3 wood into 1 hole, and 2 holes that are drivable… the remaining par 4s I’m a short wedge in… after 4 rounds from the front tees, I have 0 eagles and have hit the greens 3 times. I’m a 5 handicap… (I’ve had one eagle on the 5s and missed a couple eagle putts). Drivable par 4s give you a chance at eagle, but necessarily a great one. It still requires 2 very good shots.
  8. Yeah, really glad I swapped to the project x… I’ll send them back to have them reshafted in December (hopefully)… can’t believe how delayed the c tapers have been…
  9. Nothing wrong with an open slot in your bag, but at that altitude a 4w that you can hit will go for miles... You might be able to outdrive your driver with a properly set up 4w. Just find something forgiving and that you are comfortable with and let it rip. High launch, high spin is a great counterpoint to your 2 iron.
  10. I'm really interested in doing some speed training this off season, and I'm sold on the stack system... the thing that stinks for both of them is you have to pay the $100-200 for a radar to track your swing speed! I'm thinking I will pick up the PRGR and the Stack System for $600 and not buy a new driver this season.
  11. Honestly, it’s driver on every par 4 I can’t drive with less club, except for one hole… I hit 3 wood on 2 of the par fives.
  12. They worst part about hitting the ball better is it means it's not going where you expect it to... always takes a little adjustment. I love the concept of this partial swing and think it's a great tool to have in the bag, especially if it's working on the course. As you've said, there is a limited amount of time to practice, so you need to make sure it's spent on things that transition to the course... My original point of a full swing was hopefully clear, and it sounds like you have an idea of what a good full swing is for you (shoulder under the chin)... just have to build consistency with it! I'm playing my 4th round from our forward tees on Wednesday... I'm tired of my course being 5100 yards, but our tee boxes are ripped to shreds... it's been an interesting experience and has taught me some lessons that hopefully stay with me into next season!
  13. One of the things that has really helped me is to get back into weightlifting... I take the MSM supplements as well, but building strength has helped my joint health and I fee like I have less aches after rounds... It's not an easy solution, but it's been effective for me. I tend to do heavy weights and low reps. I really like deadlifts!
  14. If you are in any rush for the clubs, check availability of the shafts before you make a purchase! I have the Project X 6.5s in my Zx5s and like the heads a whole lot... in December, I'm going to ship them back to Srixon and get the C-Taper 130Xs I was fit for, because I want to lower my launch and liked the feel a little bit more... Srixon offered to let me try the Project X shafts because I was 8 weeks in on my wait for the clubs.
  15. Yeah, I need to fully commit to speed training this winter… just sold a ton of stuff on eBay, so the golf coffers are looking decent for once. I like the fit for golf stuff, and will probably buy the stack system.
  16. Yeah, I really like resistance bands for motions similar to the golf swing… the added resistance as they stretch really helps develop some extra oomph, I think. moving fast with intention is always good!
  17. Not sure if you are interested in other options, but they built mine with my 2nd pick for shaft and offered to reshaft them for free down the road... I'll probably ship them back in December, assuming the C-Tapers are in.
  18. I think, ultimately, what's interesting about golf, and one of the reasons I try to keep up with Bortass (other than the fact I'm rooting for him) is that golf is a weird game with lots of moving parts... everyone has their own battles, foibles, strengths and weaknesses... some things that work for people don't work for others. I actually could be completely wrong... the next big leap for Bortass might be learning to dial in less than full shots, simply because it teaches him more face and path control and that bleeds over to his full swing (or he figures out that a 50% effort swing goes 80% of the distance, but does so more consistently). I think the biggest challenge in golf is that we have to commit to changes without seeing the results... I know if I eat less calories for a month, I am going to lose weight... this isn't even basic biology, it's simple physics. If I use more energy than I consume, I lose mass. Golf on the other hand, is a freaking black box of challenges. I've recently been playing from the forward tees (once on a whim, twice because the club shut down all the other tee boxes)... my one round from my regular tees in between these rounds had the best front 9 I've ever had (35) and featured birdies on two holes I had never birdied.. my back nine, where I've broken par multiple times and consistently shoot 2-3 shots lower on was a trainwreck... and I can track it all down to my tee shot on the 9th hole where I started overthinking my swing. I couldn't get it back together and made 4 doubles and 5 pars... It was a humbling experience and a reminder of the importance of the mental game... no matter how well we swing, we have to be committed and confident to the shot. Or at least I do. That front nine was fun, though. Regardless, I think anyone who has been in this thread long term is rooting for Bortass and trying to help him. I'm not his swing coach, his golf pathfinder or anything else... Though I am very interested to see if there is some sort of aha moment... He's clearly putting in the work and thinking about it, and I know it's going to translate to better golf, even if the progress isn't as linear as any of us had hoped.
  19. Once again, context is important here... practicing partial shots to better master your "full" swing is a great idea and something everyone can and should do. Literally all I'm advocating for here is one length swing during the actual round of golf where you are trying to score and that being considered a "full" swing. My current "full" swing is built to feel like a 3/4 swing and is probably a 90% swing... but I feel like I'm making the same swing every time while on the course. My basic point is if you hit a "stock" 8 iron 150 yards, hit a stock 8 iron at a pin that is 145 yards away... and don't try to "take a little" off the swing... also, just because I CAN hit an 8 iron 160 yards doesn't mean my stock 8 iron isn't a 150 yard shot... My greatest success in golf comes when I take a "full" swing with my irons and commit to the targets.
  20. I mean, in the context of where we are... a thread about a guy trying to break 85, I don't think learning to control the distance of partial swings is particularly relevant advice... At this point, having one swing that goes the same distance 80% of the time would be a huge win. I also don't think it's particularly easy to dial in distances with partial shots... and I have decent technique and access to a simulator to practice effectively... but 100% agree it's a great skill to master.
  21. I think this is an interesting topic… To a certain extent, I think the basic premise is an interesting one “talented physical golfers can more easily make radical changes and have their game still work”. I think that’s 100% true, but I think anyone who is physically gifted like that will quickly find and stick to what works best for them… I guess another way to read it is “golfers who actively improve their game seek new techniques to build new, hopefully useful, skills”. This is where I am at. I put myself to sleep at night contemplating how to play different holes on my course. I’ve switched to heads up putting, after spending a year improving my regular putting. I’m always thinking about what I want to improve and how to do it… I’ve been learning to hit an in to out wedge shot off the toe because it helps generate a ton of spin… impact feels awful and I haven’t taken it to the course yet… numbers look good on the simulator though! I think the challenge here is working on stuff that is both actionable and useful. Things you can practice and things you can bring to the course. I spent 3 months learning to hit the sieckmann finesse wedge shot… I never hit it on the course! Just couldn’t get confident with it. the last interpretation is where this thread went… trying new things = buying different equipment… I think that’s part of the 2nd point, but once you find the gear that works, you hopefully stop!
  22. I don’t think partial swings mess up distance control, I think it’s hard to have good distance control with partial swings. basically, on the course, I think you should have one swing length. You shouldn’t try to lay off or step on an iron or hit a half seven instead of a “full” eight. Figure the full swing out first. Your dispersion is large enough with one swing… my 9 iron covers a 10 yard pattern. I might as well aim at the center of the green, and if I miss it a little end up on a front pin. Partial swings are great to practice and and drive home different feels. Very useful on the range! Also great for punch shots when distance control is less of an issue.
  23. I think this is one of those areas where people have a different perception and things can get lost in translation between what our brain processes and how we use the words to describe it… Add that to the fact that the golf swing is a unique and personal thing and we get into a weird spot… Full vs partial swing means different things to different people… I have a “100%” swing in my mind, which is different than my full swing (my 80% swing) which is different than my not so happy Gilmore swing where I’m hoping the club hits the ball and not the ground for wrist health reasons… Your “full” swing, in my opinion, should be the swing that hits the ball the most consistent distance, most of the time… I’ve shortened my back swing and am just focused on making a good turn into the ball… it feels like a 3/4 swing, but man my irons are … it will slowly creep back into a more full swing and the ball will go slightly farther and I’ll eventually lose control of the club and I’ll finally go back to a 3/4 swing (I go through this cycle around 5 times a year). This long rant is basically to say, find a swing you are comfortable with and hits the ball consistently. Doesn’t matter how long it is or how far you hit the ball… consistency is key. Partial swings are going to mess with distance control unless you practice them a ton… it’s one of my goals this off-season to dial in my wedges on these shots. Just find one swing length and commit to it. Don’t try to step on a club or lay off a club. If you have 125 yards to the center of the green, hit the 130 or 120 club FULL and commit to it… probably the 130 club unless there is trouble long. Im still struggling with this concept! But I’m getting better.
  24. It was interesting to listen to mike carrol on hack it out… there are lots of ways to generate club head speed. Some people need to build more upper body strength and some lower body strength… watching the long drive guys, it’s interesting to see how much the technique differs… the guy who did what looked like a sumo greeting was pretty awesome. I think, for us mortals, the best thing to do is build functional strength across the board, and then work in fast twitch low weight movements like medicine ball throws. (Vertical and horizontal)… just build strength everywhere you can and then work on moving fast with rotational force. Jumps and sprints are good too! toss in some speed training with a club and you’ll likely be doing pretty well…
  25. I play a naturally high shot shape… and so I’ve been working on hitting the low wedge shot… jayson nickol on Instagram had a great video on it. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CUNb7m5FVH6/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link I like the thought of it being more of a draw shot to keep it low… i think it’s a good shot to have in the bag.
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