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  1. I play the Speedline fast LS, stock X-flex, 8.5. Ball speed with it got up around 168-170. Hit it great when I first got it and now can't swing it worth a crap, feels like im swinging a board! Thankfully, I carry my 3-wood 270-280. So I get by on most courses without hitting the driver. When hitting both of these covert heads the performance was longer with me. Keep in mine I used the tour X-flex shaft in both heads. I was more consistent with the performance head for sure and honestly hit the ball farther with it. All my numbers were on a simulator at a PGA Tour Superstore, even with my
  2. These irons are definitely forgiving and definitely long. My ball speed with a 6i, stiff shaft (i need to swing x-flex), was 138mph. Carry distance is ~230 yrds. My current 6i carry distance (I swing J36 blades) is about 210-215 yrds. These clubs feel great and will definitely be the next set I purchase, may wait for the price to drop a little bit especially seeing golf season is pretty much over. They aren't as wide at the sole as some of the pictures make them look Everyone needs to check these clubs out!!!
  3. Great equipment here! Are those S3 Pros the combo package? Looked like 7-PW was MB and 3-6 was CB...is that correct? Thanks!
  4. The Adams Fast 12 LS is low-spin because of a higher (CG) center of gravity. This is what you get with tour issued heads!! Adams is the only company doing this. The only other thing you will get with a tour issued head is the hot melt, but that is very customized to the individual player. Also, tour issued R11s compared to one you buy in store will be a lot more accurate. For example, every 10.5* R11s head is not perfectly 10.5*....it can vary because of a tolerance allowed during manufacturing. Adams is creating this Fast 12 LS to be as close as possible to a tour issued head. It even has t
  5. [quote name='pullfade' timestamp='1331661255' post='4499819'] Any feedback from members who have hit both. My SS is 104-108 with driver with very high launch and mid spin. I am looking to knock down both. I have hit the Fubuki and it feels a little tip soft. What would I expect from the Matrix? Thanks. [/quote] What shaft did you end up with? And if you got the black tie one is it the real deal or 3.1 version. Most models I am currently finding are the 3.1 models.
  6. [quote name='brent' timestamp='1331694470' post='4503711'] Matrix ten times over. I've played both in the Fast 12. Matrix was lower spin and much tighter in performance. I did however have to go up to a 10.5 with the Matrix shaft installed. [/quote] I have the same question about which shaft for the Adams ls....I was wondering what your swing speed is. I have about a 165mph ball speed. Have hit the LS with the Funki shaft and had good numbers. Feels okay but am also really interested in the matrix black tie shaft. I am worried I would need to go to a higher lofted driver head. With the
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