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  1. Hi, id take these: Ping G410 Alta CB shaft pulls. 55 R (not the stiff one). - **.335 tip?** 65 S fairway wood shaft **.335 tip?** 70 S hybrid shaft **.370 tip?** Ready to ship to J3P5N3 near Montreal, Canada using USPS? If so, let me know price. Can PayPal. Thanks!
  2. Still interested. Drop me a price. Thanks!
  3. [quote name='The_X_Factor22' timestamp='1296154075' post='2929696'] Hey bud im actually in school right now I will shoot u a pm when I get home. They have the stock fst ss 105 stepless shafts in stiff in em [/quote] Hi, if you are still willing to sell them, i am interested. Please let me know over PM. Thanks!
  4. [quote]Decreasing Launch to 14* only results in a 2 yard increase to 212. At 140 BS and 14* launch, the optimal spin is 2800 RPM and would result in a carry of 230.[/quote] More and more interesting to learn new things. So if i get it right, the only ways to get more yardage are: 1) cut down spin (either by a better attack angle or a better shaft/head combo) 2) increase SS (more torque) Between the combo below, which one is the best match regarding my SS/BS/LA: Callaway FT5 10* w/Fujikura ZCom T55 regular Titleist 905R 10.5* w/made for Titleist BB 65g stiff Cleveland Launcher 460 9.5
  5. [quote]Those numbers with the ping seem a bit inflated for your SS and spin. But they are better, still not close to maxed out though. [/quote] Interesting. Are you suggesting that those numbers shouldnt give me 230yds/250yds of carry/total distance? With those numbers (95 SS and 140 BS) what should be the max i could get carry/total distance related? That would give me a ballpark. Thanks!
  6. Ball flight? All but a few were 5-10 yards on the right side (fade) about 210 carry with almost no roll. Tech guy gave me a Ping i15 9.5* (duck taped) with a stiff Ping OEM shaft. Spin got down to 4500 and busted 230 carry rolled to 250. Thats about the max i can hope with my SS, right? Sure i cut the ball, and i know the attack angle was open but didth get that number neither side spin. Also own : Titleist 905R 10,5* w/Titleist stiff Blueboard and Cleveland Launcher Titanium 9.5* (first gen) with a GD YSQ AD 65g stiff. and Srixon WD506 9.5* unshafted at the moment. Are they low s
  7. Hi, just got out from a indoor lauch monitor (i know i know it doesnt worth much but....) numbers that came out are frightnening! Those are from a 10* driver be it a : Callaway FT5 Neutral w/Fujikura ZCom T55 Regular Adams XTD Pro w/Fubuki stiff SS around 95mph BS around 140mph lauch angle 17* (ouch!) spin 5500rpm (re-ouch!) To start with, can someone points me toward a head/shaft combo that would reduce spin to acceptable level? Thanks!
  8. Hi, my KBS Tour labels are shot. Can someone point me where or whom i can buy some? Id need 9 - 8 irons + 1 hybrid. Thanks!
  9. Hi, i am bout to reshaft a Callaway Heavenwood 17*/#2 hybrid. Any infos on: - hosel/shaft size - ferrules - tips - shaft length - finished length would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Hi guys, was curious and i bought a Stulz 90g stiff Arrow for my Titliest 905T head. Would welcome comments, suggestions about: - how to spine the shaft? - thru-bore or blind bore? - any experiences? - show i keep it for another head, because of the nature of the 905T? Thanks for helping.
  11. I just bought a set of Callaway's Uniflex 4-PW shafts (Nippons 990s) labelled S-37.0, S-37.5, S-39.0, S-38.5, S-39.0, S-39.5, S-40.0, but the shafts arent cut at butt end, making them long enough to work them out. They are, as you know, slipped at the end and pressed fit into Fusion's heads. They are parallel .370 going to about .360 - .365 at bottom end. 1) I want to trim them to fit them into Wilson Staff Pi5 .370 3-9 heads and make them stiff. Would you have a suggestion about how to trim them? 2) Also have two 950 GH regular Nippons for PW and GW. How to make them stiff? Thanks for h
  12. Hi, looking for a set of Nippon pulls, be they .355, .370. R or S, gripped or not. Let me know what you have and a price. Thanks!
  13. Hi to all, i have two questions: 1) i have a Titleist 4560 stiff shaft. Someone knows what its made of? I mean, its made by someone. Who and based on what product? Specs? 2) I have a Diamana Blue R 63x5ct full lenght at 46in. Goes into a 905T thrubore Titleist head. How to cut it? Thanks for helping.
  14. Title says it all. Be they Stiff or Reg, w/without grips. Lemme know!
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