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  1. shop in town said they only could get 3 or something minuscule like that
  2. choice in one,,,, then practice the hell out of it
  3. well, finally a current scotty I'm interested in.
  4. I'm susceptible to flipping through all the reactions then posting. So forgive me if i Digress Question: has the head been removed and weighted? , and 2: it does have some interesting qualities that make it stick, I agree a strange bird this one is.
  5. > @TaddNOhio said: > What looked suspicious to you? Neck and letter placement as well as milling all looked off to me.
  6. Yeah I'm pretty sure this is a fake. I am going to warn the store. they have it priced as a original
  7. So I was in a Big box store looking around like the usual ho that I am, when i came across this Cameron that looked suspicious. Not really wanting it but figured for their info, wanted to run it across the forum for your thoughts. Sorry the pics are not that great.
  8. > @Oveezy said: > Personally with a Newport 2 style putter I am able to start the ball on line better. Something about the Newport/BB1 causes me to not be as consistent with bringing the face back squared. Just me though. Yeah, at this point the stainless (square but rounded) shape gets me on line and have been most consistent with the distance and line. and a couple of drainers here and there.
  9. Titlist 910, 907 d2, TM R9 Tri, TM Burner...
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