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  1. The emphasis of the game should be switched back to walking. In general, 4 players walking will play faster that 4 players in two different carts. Assuming ready golf.
  2. What club allows you to carry, but not use push carts!!??? That's nonsense. I've seen clubs require carts and not allow walking of any type, but to allow walking but not a push cart is stupid.
  3. Thanks! Pretty excited with how everything turned out.
  4. My advice would be to use range time to fix, course time to play. If you’re on the course, and you’re missing everything a little right, then that is what the day is going to be, play that miss and move on. Do not try to fix it on the course. Focus on your shots, and try to make the same swing every time. Don’t over compensate for the previous shot, it will lead to frustration, which will lead to loss of focus, and loss of fun. Also, try walking 18 every now and again.
  5. Gave my T-MBs the same treatment. Let me know what you think.
  6. Thanks, I keep looking at these wedges thinking, man these look sick. Ya, I almost left the band and thought, this will look pretty good, so I went for it. Glad I did.
  7. You have to get the original fill out first. Use some Acetone to soften up the original fill. I used a metal pick to scape and clean out the fill. Then just use a paint brush to fill in with paint and a paper towel with acetone to clean everything up. If you lay the acetone soak paper towel flat and swipe over the fill it will clean everything up and leave the new paint.
  8. Some Acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby, Master's Touch And how'd you get in in the letters? If it was easy enough, I'm going to do this.
  9. Some Acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby, Master’s Touch
  10. Thanks! Haven't even had the chance to hit them yet.
  11. Thought I would post how they turned out. Pretty satisfied with the results.
  12. Funny you say that, I'm going Gray and Orange. You're right, any color would look good.
  13. Hello All, I am familiar with the paint fill process using acetone to remove paint. Just got a set of Jet Black SM7s. I like the black finish, but want to put a pop of color with paint fill. Will acetone remove or damage the Jet Black Finish?
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