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  1. My casual golf enthusiast observation after hitting a bunch of brands and models over the past month or so is that if you're not a terrible ball striker, the difference between nominally "easier" or "harder" product lines might come down to what kind of miss you want to compensate for the most. Manufacturers have gotten very good at packing tech and forgiveness into traditionally-sized heads.
  2. TXG folks posted a review of the TR20 V and P lines just a few days ago, had good things to say about them. I've hit the P line a few times, and it has a great feel, regardless of where they might be manufacturing their heads these days.
  3. Second this. I hit the 5's and the 7's, and had comparable loss on mishits. My miss is thin, and I found the 7's to be surprisingly forgiving on those strikes.
  4. I hit some stock demos at Golfers Warehouse this afternoon, which is part of the Worldwide Golf chain that includes Edwin Watts, so you might have some luck there. I'd bet Club Champion has them as well, even if the ordering process isn't in place yet.
  5. They're pretty for sure, but they look a little too beefy (to me, anyways) to be a P790/70 competitor. Maybe something more game-improvement along the lines of the old 300 series?
  6. No matter how many times you post this, it's very unlikely that Callaway will change their roll-out schedule.
  7. I'd be interested in your thought process/demo experience on going with the 7's rather than the 5's when moving on with the HMBs and Apex 16s. I'm not as good a golfer as you are--16ish, slow swinger--but I play the 16s and am looking for a new set next season.
  8. Unless it has significant performance gains, the Standard doesn't look like it's going to tempt very many prior-issue Apex folks to make the jump. I'm interested in the Pro's head dimensions--if it is indeed a competitor to TM's P line, I guess it would be closer to a 770 than a 790?
  9. As it happens, not all of us play to a 1.8. Hah. Got talked into G15s rather than i15s years ago by a fitter who kept pitching "forgiveness" and "distance gains." Hated them.
  10. What was your experience in testing the two head-to-head? They're at the top of my short list right now.
  11. 61, driver carry about 180, my handicap is probably a 15 or so, with my scores being a function of the length of the course. I'm in the low 80's on the 6100 yard tees at my home course, but struggle to break 90 on anything over 6600 or so. XXIO driver 10.5, stock shaft. Pulled from a used rack--I think it's the 2016 model. R flex. Callaway Epic Star 3 and 5 woods. A flex. XXIO 5 hybrid, R flex. Same vintage as the driver. Callaway Apex 16 6-P, Recoil 760, R flex. Hogan Equalizer 50 and 56 wedges, Recoil R. Hogan Big Ben putter
  12. Very Adams-y vibe in the looks department. To each his own, of course, but I'm not as keen about holding off on new irons to see what the next generation of Apex 19's look like next year.
  13. No concrete suggestions regarding which to choose--those are all very nice clubs. But, as a slow swing-speed short hitter, I've learned that consistency is even more important than distance (no matter what the ad guys tell you about longer, faster, better). I'd go with whatever gave me the tightest dispersion as long as I can look at it from address. Need more distance? Pull another club.
  14. Agree. If I hit a 6' (or less) putt 2' past the hole something has gone wrong, and I like the stick as a "bullseye" to line up on.
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