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  1. Yes. I’m a range rat tho. They’ve hit quite a few.
  2. Last pic just added to show 8-Pw faces. Show some ball striking marks but still really clean.
  3. Bad lighting. Probably could have cleaned them better before pics. I will add better closeups soon
  4. Selling a nice set of Ping iBlade 4-Pw blue dots. Standard length. Golf pride Align standard white grips. s300 shafts. Played them for about a month. Clean faces. $350 shipped to lower 48.
  5. ***ALL PRICING LOWERED, want em gone!!! ***** Selling some great iron sets and some Scotty Cameron putters. All prices will include shipping to the lower 48 USA only. I prefer to ship usps priority but can send fedex or UPS if preferred. Only trade interest would be m5 driver heads (smaller tour version). first iron set is the Mizuno jpx 919 tour forged irons. 5 iron thru pw with dg 120 s300 shafts and mid size tour velvet 360 grips. All standard length loft and lie. $sold sold next set is the Ping iBlades 4-pw. These are blue dots and have dgs300 shafts with golf pride align standard size grips. Standard loft and length. These are $450 shipped. next up is a set of TaylorMade P-790 black forged irons. This set is 5-9 only. These have the factory black dynamic gold 105 s300 shafts and golf pride tour velvet mid grips. Factory length loft and lie. these are SOLD shipped. last set of irons are the Titleist 716 mb 3-pw these have factory KBS s+ shafts in 3-9 and the pw has a factory KBS 610 wedge 120 shaft. They all have tour velvet mid grips and are standard length loft and lie. 8 and 5 iron faces show wear. these are $450.00 shipped. First Scotty is a select Newport 2 35” (extended from 34”)with red matador grip. No shaft label and comes with silver 3dot head cover. $sold sold Second Scotty is a Del Mar 2 slant Tei3. This one is factory original everything, grip, shaft label. The head cover is the 2008 club Cameron black. This one is $300.00 shipped. third and final Scotty is a Bullseye 35” with shaft label and factory grip. No head cover for this one. This one is $250.00 shipped.
  6. Trying to get some cash to get new irons. Selling a few things today. First up is a Ping g400 max 9 degree driver, "HEAD ONLY", no shaft. Headcover included of course. This includes a brand new shaft adapter for a .335 driver shaft. Also including 5 extra weights that range from 6 grams all the way up to 18 grams. (7,10,13,16 and 18). The original weight is on the head. The adjustment tool will also be included. I bought all this to do some serious tinkering in the off season and just never got around to it. In a good place with my current driver so I am going to let this all go. $300 shipped to the lower 48 USA via USPS priority. These are hard to find, and whoever buys this is getting a really good deal with all the extras! I have a couple hybrid irons I am selling too. Both Titleist T-MB's, a 718 4 iron and a 716 3 iron. They both have Aerotech steelfiber i110 stiff shafts and both have midsized tour velvet 360 grips in good shape. 4 iron is at 39" and 3 iron is at 39.5". Both have D-1 swingweights. I am looking for $100 for the 3 iron and $120 for the 4 iron (newer model). Prices include shipping to the lower 48 via USPS priority. PM for more pics or ?'s Thanks
  7. Selling off a few items that are not being used. Not interested in any trades at the moment. PayPal preferred. All prices are to include shipping to the lower 48 USA only, please message me for shipping outside the lower 48. I am not an amazing photographer but please message me if you want to see any more angles or close ups. Thanks First up is a 3-pw set of Mizuno JPX919 tour irons. They all have the newer dynamic gold 120 s300 shafts at standard factory loft, lie and length. Midsize golf pride 360 grips. I gamed them for less than a few weeks and only 2-3 range sessions off indoor mat on a tracman. I truly loved them but felt this set up was a little more higher launching for my current swing style. These are mint and from what I understand hard to find at the moment. Looking for $725. They are all packed up and ready to ship. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Next up is a set of Titleist 716 MB's 3-pw. These were my irons for the previous couple seasons, have seen some decent use but grooves are deep and clean. The 8 and 5 iron show the most face wear, hope you can see it in pics. Standard loft, length and lie with new tour velvet midsize grips. Shafted with the KBS tour stiff plus. Pitch has a KBS 610 wedge stiff shaft. These were custom from titleist. Looking for $400. Also selling a TaylorMade SIM titanium 5 wood, 19 degree. Factory length with a Ventus fairway 6-s shaft and a tour velvet 360 midsize grip. Headcover and new unopened tool included. This was in the bag for 5-6 weeks. It was a tough decision between this and my TMB 2 iron, but the 2 iron gave me just a bit more confidence at address. SOLD SOLD SOLD Last up I have a couple Scotties, been holding on to them with the notion that one day I would have a cool display case in the office, moving my mom into the house has kept that from happening any time soon. A Scotty Bullseye with the target logo at 35 inches is first. Original grip and shaftband in great shape. The headcover is a silver triple red dot. I need at least 300.00 to let go of her. The second Scotty is a Del Mar Two TeI3 slant with the insert. Original grip and shaftband and also 35 inches. This one comes with the Club Cameron 2008 members only headcover. I am not an official collector but I know these are also pretty hard to find. Trying to get 300.00 for this one. I always followed the recommended care instructions with this guy. Thanks for looking and send any questions!
  8. Feeling good about the final 14 clubs in the bag. I need to sell a few to resist any more “comparing”. I have only ONE trade consideration, a Scotty bullseye blade putter. That’s it, please don’t offer other trades for now, thanks! First up is the driver, a titleist ts4 8.5 with the even flow 65 gram 6.0. Plays right at 45.5” and has a tour velvet standard grip 2 rows of tape. It has 3-4 range sessions and 2 rounds on it. Face is clean. Head cover, tool and an extra titleist tip included(doesn’t have factory ferrule but I put a real good match in with it) looking for $230 shipped to the lower 48 USA via usps priority. Next up is a club that really impressed me but lost a bag spot to my 2 iron. TaylorMade Sim titanium 5 wood. This is basically a 3 wood, I was getting 245 out of it off the deck and I am an old man. I just preferred the lower flight of the 2 iron. 6-7 range sessions and 5 rounds on this one. Has a ventus 6-s shaft and plays at 42.5”. Factory tm grip. Face has some markings from an off center hit out of a fairway bunker. Really clean otherwise. Head cover and tool included. looking for $275 shipped to the lower 48. Last up is a taylormade spider X putter. Has the bone white finish and plays at 34”. Factory TM superstroke pistol gtr 1.0 grip amd the kbs tour black putter ct shaft. Head cover included. I had this in the bag for 5-6 rounds. It’s clean except for normal “bag grip” wear at the top of the grip. Nothing major at all. looking for $250 shipped to the lower 48.
  9. Selling a TaylorMade UDI 2 iron with a ridiculous "no-spin" shaft. Hit this same set up when a pal let me try his. I had to get one made, and the shaft was pretty hard to find with these specs. This is the Hand-Crafted prototype project X HZRDUS, it is 6.5 and 105 grams. I mostly wanted this to play a mini tour event in Tampa on a really tight course. It definitely served its purpose. Only problem is I am getting 280 out of it off the tee and 270 off the deck, almost identical numbers to my 3 wood. It was a tough call but I decided to keep the 3 wood in the bag. It is in really mint condition. The handcrafted versus the non really felt a lot better. Looking for 325.00 shipped to the lower 48 USA only. If you have something really hard to find I might consider a trade. Thanks!
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