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  1. The ball feels great off the tee IMO. I did not notice much of a distance loss, but I did notice a considerable loss in spin on anything but a full shot. The 20-70 yrd shots were the worst. I could not get to check-up, and would just roll for days.. The ball rolls well off the putter face and feels solid, but for me I am just not sure I could deal with the lack of spin.. I will give them another round and see if anything changes, if not back to the nxt tour's for me.
  2. [quote name='UnderPar18' timestamp='1318183888' post='3648279'] Just because the market is going down does not mean you are always losing money. Using options and different derivative strategies there is money to be made. Takes a lot of education in finance and effort, but there is always money to be made. [/quote] This. I have made most of my money on the short side. "And then at the end of the day, the most important thing is how good are you at risk control. Ninety-percent of any great trader is going to be the risk control."- Paul Tudor Jones
  3. [quote name='RainShadow' timestamp='1317928710' post='3635113'] Inflation. Dollar is worthless, things cost more. Want to say more but no politics allowed in the forums. ( Which is good) [/quote] No.. inflation of less than 2% does not cause a 25% increase in products. It’s all basics of supply and demand. Price continues to increase with quantity remaining the same until the demand drops, which in turn, drops the price back down to a new equilibrium where supply and demand are intersect. No political hogwash, just basic economics my friend.
  4. soon to be college grad getting frustratedI am graduating in December with by B.S. in Economics and my minor in Finance, and I am just starting the career hunt. I helped manage the student investment fund at my university so I have some experience with the technical, financial, and economic analysis for portfolio construction, but it seems every position available is for a senior analyst! Does anyone have any tips/tricks/ideas for getting your foot in the door? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you, Cory
  5. [size="3"]Currently I play true temper stiff zz65 shafts (hard stepped) because these were the best fit for my swing when I was fit for my ping irons last season. They provided me a more consistent ball flight than the dynamic gold shafts that were in my previous irons. [/size]
  6. Its a push. I had the 14g in the toe and the 4 in the heel, so I switched them which made a huge difference. Most of my problem comes from my top hand.. I have a hard time keeping it on-top of the club
  7. I just picked one of these and I am pushing everything to the left. I have it set on the R, but should I have a heavier weight in the toe or the heal?
  8. Lefty missing leftIf anyone can see what it is that I am doing to keep me missing to the left, please let me know. I have a feeling that I am standing a little too close to the ball but idk Both of these videos are DTL driver shots. This is from 8/27/11 This is from 9/16/11 Thanks, Cory
  9. Ordered these last week. It is a great deal if you wear and 11.5 in shoe! [url="http://www.gppgolf.com/products2.cfm/ID/7144/name/adidas-innolux-2.0-whitewhiteblack"]http://www.gppgolf.com/products2.cfm/ID/7144/name/adidas-innolux-2.0-whitewhiteblack[/url]
  10. I really like the setup. Especially the putter and ball marker Thank you for your service!
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