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  1. Watching golf on youtube/TV somewhat contributes to this type of mindset. The coverage usually shows the handful of spectacular shots that the pros hit in a given event out of the thousands that may not be all that great (for their standards usually, but some by even my standards). Even if you know this fact, just by repeat exposure the mindset is molded subconsciously.
  2. Go easy on the OP fellas...ever since they stopped letting people call in "rules infractions" some people have a giant hole in their lives that needs filling.
  3. Always wondered how things would go if a player always answered every single post round question with some variation of "...fired on all (some) cylinders"
  4. Break 100 shafts? No, I have yet to even break one in anger, doubt this course (even as is) would change that.
  5. I smell a reverse Jonesscott trolling attempt here...
  6. > @mattd1206 said: > I think it is an fh100. Do you do course vlogs with it or just swing analysis? Just swing analysis. I don't think the FH100 would be a very good vlogging camera, at least not as a primary camera. It seems to be designed to be used sparingly like most point and shoots. A more robust camera will work when being used constantly throughout the round, and it will continue to operate even when the conditions get challenging (heat/cold/dirt).
  7. Took it out to the course last week for the first time. Very sunny - perfect for the camera as it needs a ton of light to get the best picture with the fast shutter speeds. It will be unusable indoors for the most part unless you have a very bright light source. As recommended elsewhere, I set the camera settings in Manual Mode - auto mode generally will not let you get the most out of the camera. That day, I used 120fps, the widest aperture available for the focal length, and 1/4000 shutter speed as well as 400 ISO. You'll have to experiment to see what settings get you the best picture in any given situation. This may seem like common sense, but you'll absolutely want to have some kind of mount or mini tripod when you take it out on course if you're by yourself. Also, the FH100 is very sensitive to having debris interfere with the zoom lens mechanism so you'll want to be careful about sand particles and such. Actually, I don't know what kind of Casio you have so this may not apply to you. I have the FH100, but I don't think the higher end ones (FH20/F1) have externally telescoping lenses.
  8. For a while the Casios (before the ZR series) were indeed the gold standard. However the iPhones have 95% (99% now?) of the visual quality and are leaps and bounds ahead in usability today. I only got myself a Casio recently because I don't have an iPhone and just wanted to see the "magic" for myself. I also like tinkering with photographic equipment.
  9. I got fitted for my first new set of irons this year, decided on split set of z785 3-6 and z-forged 7-pw. Took me a few rounds to get used to them coming from mp-14s, but they are proving to be very good performing indeed. The v-soles were a bit jarring to the eyes, but they seem to be working good enough for me.
  10. Hire club bouncers to be the course rangers - they understand customer service well and are good at getting the point across.
  11. I picked up a combo set of Z785s and Z-Forged a couple weeks back - like @BCULAW they felt a bit clicky at first but as I got used to the irons and my swing settled down (no doubt helped by the fact that this is my first fitted set) the feel at impact improved massively. They still don't feel as substantial as the MP-14's they replaced but then again that set had some ungodly stiff shafts, so that could also be a factor.
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