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  1. Just to give you some numbers:- Me 7 Iron 72 MPH Driver 86 MPH My Son 7 iron 90 MPH Driver 114 MPH I am old and he 's young! Brooky333
  2. Hope the scotty collection is OK
  3. I feel your pain I am the same after playing 3 day in a row I hit the best irons on the last 4 holes yesterday brooky333
  4. I am wanting to change the shaft in my Taylormade M3 3 wood to the same shaft as my M4 driver which is a Fujikura Atmos Red 5 I can hold of a shaft off ebay ok But on Fujikura website i can only find information on the standard shaft not the FW but they give information on tipping this shaft for fairway woods? Is this the same shaft? thanks Brooky333
  5. Please tell me they are going to make them in left handed too!
  6. Hi Mate what are the specs on that? Length? brooky333
  7. I am having the same problem with Ping putter didn't know about the ball bearings? Is there any way of removing this ball bearing brooky333
  8. I wonder if he will send that Scotty back to the shop for a clean up! that thing has seen some action brooky333
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