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  1. Compressed air will do it - especially if installed with rubber cement.
  2. Not looking good I'm afraid - the giveaway would be those shafts for a start (possible reshaft but seems an odd choice for those irons) and the lack of a receipt of some kind is a little bit of an issue. Additionally the 6 iron from the TM site here P7TW shows a different number of grooves on the 6 iron... Hopefully there are some explanations but at this stage I think they're fakes. Wan
  3. So due to boredom I decided to shaft up my old 2016 M2 fairway with a Kiyoshi purple I had some success with in another head. i prepped the head and dry fit everything up - measured 43” Now the weird bit, when I went to glue it all together it wasn’t inserting full depth - wasn’t air locked and there was nothing in the bore! So I have no idea what happened. I decided to just glue it in (against my better judgement) as it was, thinking maybe it was full depth - it was < 1” insertion. I did recheck for blockages or lips etc that the shaft might get caught on
  4. Add length to the shaft - you'll get 3 SW points per 0.5". OR If you don't want to do that then I think you need to go the lead tape route first. Start by adding tape until it feels good to you - disregard what swingweight it is for the time being. When you've got your ideal setup - check how much tape you've added and then either add a weight or get it hotmelted (it can be removed with some nasty chemicals but I would consider it permanent) As for altering launch and spin to any noticeable level, I would just disregard that all together. Unless
  5. You may have an issue here if it’s the one with the small brass weight in the back of the shaft. I’ve seen it in a few of them and you will need to work out a way to remove it as it doesn’t really have a lip or a hole in it. additonally you probably wont fit it in an extension - but for only 40g you can diy a bolt to sit inside (just wrap some tape to fill width) there was a thread about diy counterbalance you should be able to find. Wan
  6. I do refinishing also - based in Australia Instagram is wans_customs
  7. I’d probably stay away from sandpaper. Get some scotchbrite and work in one direction Wan
  8. @Howard_Jones as always mate you are just full of the best information! I’m learning so much about different influences on head design which is very helpful in deciding what will and won’t be a good match for my tendencies. It’s also refreshing to confirm these things (like amount of weight to alter COG) so when I’m building I can be confident in the amount of change. Now makes total sense why my UDI 2 iron hosel is tiny! Wan
  9. about 2-3 I’d say. A lot of that time is measuring/checking and weighing etc. if I was more experienced I’d think you could shape a head up with some templates a little quicker, but because I’ve got nothing to work off it’s slower going. Wan
  10. Ok so the C 6i is right near target weight now so going to glue it up and test it out. I’ve tweaked the toe design a little but there is still a little room to move if needed on that. Wan
  11. Picking this back up - been a while but have some lockdown time again. these pics are showing the 6i progress. Interesting for me is the CG shift when removing weight - I’ve seen hardly anything noticeable when removing as much as 10g. The pics show about 5g not really doing anything. I’ll post up some more as I go with this one. It’s soooo much material to remove
  12. Do you actually have a swingweight scale or are you basing all this off the manufacturers figures? Wan
  13. You would've broken the epoxy bond - but didn't apply enough twisting force which you certainly will be able to do while hitting golf balls. I'd heat it up again and clamp it in a vice (with a shaft clamp...) then try turn the head to get the head to break free. To my understanding I'd think the epoxy isn't ideal after being heated that much and then cooled down I don't think it will hold like it should. Wan
  14. The cobra trusty rusty wedges are very straight edged. If that sole grind etc works for you
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