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  1. My swing speed is much faster with glove. Without glove, I tend to put too much pressure which locks up my wrist.
  2. For sure! CPO is the reason many of my clubs are Cally. Once you sign up and put things in your cart, you will occasionally receive a free shipping coupon too! For your swing, the best one would be the relatively new REVA but much more expensive than your budget... Anyway, check out the preowned!
  3. PM me if you have one! Don't care about the cosmetic condition at all.
  4. Of course yes! BB maybe better for super fast and strong guys but xc feels so much easier for a golfer with ss around 100. You will be less fatigued, which is a huge bonus.
  5. I recently got a sub70 699u 4i (22) and this is ridiculously easy. Only around $100 new is a huge plus. I am not a good long iron player and this 4i feels easier than my GI 7 iron...
  6. Just tried my new 699u 4i with riptide. It is ridiculously easy to hit and flies quite high (I was a bit worried about the height but this is much higher than my expectation; maybe too high??). The riptide hybrid shaft should be 88g (6.0)based on the spec sheet but it feels much lighter than my di-85s. But that's how I feel rather. Perhaps, it may be the shaft that makes the ball flight high. Anyway, this is even easier than my 7 iron and I am now super-duper comfortable with 200 yard shots. Should I also get 699pro irons? Wish sub70 also carried MMT taper shafts not parallel ones
  7. Can I use multiple gift cards like ten for one transaction at callway online store? Or does it only allow a few cards?
  8. For Apex combo irons, I see lofts are slightly different but offsets are the same. Are they made differently or just bent a degree or two?
  9. Wondering how you manage the distance gap (since you said you moved from i210). Did you also get a new set of wedges? Or, did you adjust the lofts? I love the idea of dcb as I hardly work the ball as a 10+handicapper but not sure about the gap between dcb pitching and my 50 55 60 wedge set... perhaps just make every dcb 2 degrees weaker is the answer?
  10. What would be the most similar KBS shaft to modus 120 in terms of EI profile (ignoring weight)?
  11. Does anyone have a side-to-side photo of 699pro 5i and 699 5i?
  12. If it is too firm, I just take it as something similar to a tight & bare lie (assuming the ball isn't buried). So a lob wedge with a low bounce and just a square shot.
  13. But isn't golf like a lover than a job? If you want to meet a new one, you gotta be done with the old one
  14. Thanks for the "comforting" words, people!!! Well, my conclusion is, let's put one more order to keep the excitement going!!! At least, the golf industry is going well and let's hope we will get more "advanced" clubs! (but we all know that we will be "duped" again but will keep purchasing nevertheless)
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