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  1. been playing a forged set from 2008 very long. Tried new hollow irons from Titleist, Callaway, and Taylormade. All were very good but the difference was very marginal and they felt a bit different from an old forged set. Still wanted to play a different set and ended up getting a set from 2013 (yamaha x v forged). Can't say my current set is drastically better than my old 2008 set. Can't say the new irons I tried are significantly better than the set I am playing now. They are all good for different types of golfers. Chances are very high that one may play better with an old iron set depending on how it fits the golfer. I am still interested in trying new irons shafts as they may fit my swing better.
  2. Mine will come Monday.. Not sure it's about ups or PGA but my apt number was missing in the shipment... Anyone tried 75s trono?
  3. well. ups messed up... mine didn't come today... perhaps, they put a wrong address for my shipment... not sure they will deliver tomorrow. chances are high that i would get it on monday.
  4. how does it feel? is it overly stout? or just similar to other stiff? mine will come in a minute but i can't wait hahaha
  5. I went with the grip I use, mcc plus 4 standard. No delay.
  6. Yes. I think I was the one who first found the Trono "deal"? Not sure when I ordered but it seems to be very fast (and i chose economy shipping option).
  7. Mine is out for delivery!
  8. xxio, honma beres, and maruman majesty. These are the best senior clubs with unnecessarily flash looking (especially beres and majesty).
  9. I can confirm it is a great shaft for a driver (consistency was the best when I tried). Let's see how it plays in uw! It played stiff to the flex as long as i remember and I'm not sure my choice for 75s was good (my dr ss is 105). I haven't received a shipping notification yet but hope it comes soon!
  10. My ss is 105. To me, profile matters so much more than weight. I am playing ns950gh. But i can play modus 120, elevate tour, and s300 equally well. But I don't like any KBS shafts at all.
  11. I guess many of us will figure out soon I'm not a fast swinger so I was torn between 65s and 75s. I ended up choosing 75s for 19 uw but let's see how things go. I play aldila rogue 70s for my 3w and di85s for my hybrid (which i'm trying to replace). While we will figure out, the problem is... when the time comes, this "opportunity" will be gone...
  12. I tried 65s in driver and it was super good. Wanted to get a used one but couldn't find. But don't know how it would work for uw
  13. ordred 19 uw with trono 75s. Let's see what happens.
  14. I'm being stingy but is there any free shipping code for custom order??
  15. Now LAGP trono is no upcharge? What is going on? Is it even possible?
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