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  1. I expected something better as golf industry has grown so much and garnered some $$$ for R&D. No more innovation is possible for drivers maybe.
  2. I got two when PGA Superstore "hidden" deal was going and selling one. Price is firm Sold including shipping. Currently, though 75s is no longer available at callaway.com, the same club will cost you $650 before tax.
  3. Anyone interested in a NIB UW (19* with trono 75s). I got two for my buddy but my buddy is not fond of trono after trying mine. I will part away with it with the amount of money i paid (pga "hidden" deal) with tax, paypal, and shipping. please pm me (SOLD!!)
  4. I just focus on brushing the grass either with wood or hybrid.
  5. Never heard Jucad before. Wow, their carts look gorgeous... But.... $$$$$$...
  6. Surprised that the trono thing is still going on with PGASS (no more 75 models). Someone will be questioned soon haha.
  7. Irons are about your preference... but our preference often fluctuates!
  8. how about your left right dispersion with SH? What I like about UW is the tight horizontal dispersion (in most cases for sure as i'm not a super accurate ball striker).
  9. Practice with your driver. And only focus on brushing the grass with the sole. Don't worry about any other swing thoughts or whatever moves that you do. Just brush the grass with the sole of your driver. Then do the same with 3 wood. Again, don't give any *** about other swing thought. Just think about brushing the grass. Don't need to look at the ball. Don't need to think about how your club sits. It doesn't matter. Just brush the grass. You will love your 3w soon.
  10. Enjoy! You will love it! Just take it as a secret promotion. It really is for me as I want trono in my driver now...
  11. I usually control the flight and it was quite manageable. However, range ball flight is often drastically different from my ball (zstar). Definitely lower than a typical fw though and quite similar to my 20 hybrid. Tight side dispersion is one thing I really like about uw.
  12. Reading many trono reviews, the "secret" promotion seems to be quite successful. I now want 55s for my driver and 65s for my 3w I feel like I like it more than ventus blue, my current driver shaft. Well, I only hit several range balls with uw 19 75s but I am hooked.
  13. Maybe either one could be just a new stock batch. I guess the trono stock at callaway is running out. Honestly, even most golf fanatics likes us would never have thought about it without the "secret" deal.
  14. I think it is just about printing? If you go to the official website, it doesn't have the partners and 16 mark. Mine has it though. I guess nothing to worry about?
  15. @jeffrey r How did you get the additional weight? Mine came with 7g too. While I love how it feels now, I would love to tinker a bit more!
  16. how do you know it is not tipped? maybe my 75s is not tipped that's why i think it is so playable?
  17. Let us know how you like 75s! That's what I got and I love it!
  18. You will love it. I feel like the shaft encourages to swing more smoothly. If you try to force it, well, you don't feel good and you can't swing well. I know Bryson's swing is uber human. However, when you look at his swing, he doesn't force it from the start but rather beautifully accelerates at the end. Not that i have the same mechanism but I love it haha. Let us know how you feel when you get it!
  19. I can't talk about x flex. Maybe x flex is significantly stiffer than s. However, if you play a typical 70s shaft in your 3 wood (for me aldila white 70s) and a typical 80s shaft in your hybrid (di 85s), now I'm quite positive that you can certainly play trono 75s. I think this 75s is surprisingly a good fit for a smooth swinger. If you force it, it feels so stout. However, it feels very smooth and manageable if you swing smoothly with a moderate tempo. Very very good shaft and I would like to get one more for a driver too (maybe i can put an order with 65s and say no tipping with maximum length? Then i can pull it for my driver hahaha).
  20. You will eventually figure out. However, I hit a sponge ball on carpet and I am sure I can handle this shaft well (my ss is 105 and got 75s). I may lose a few yard (which I can't confirm) but I can certainly feel the stability. I measured my ss with ss radar and I didn't notice any drop with trono. I am a smooth swinger with very moderate (rather slow?) tempo (I only accelerate at the end of swing).
  21. I will have to check mine. But if that is the case, I am interested in putting 2g weight. Thank you for the info!
  22. I just received it. I took some empty swings and it feels solid and definitely playable (i got trono 75s and my dr ss is around 105). I am going through very busy time of the year and won't be able to play golf for a month... hopefully i can have some time for a range session soon though. Btw, isn't heavier swing weight related to a longer shaft? I think half inch can account for 2-3 points?
  23. been playing a forged set from 2008 very long. Tried new hollow irons from Titleist, Callaway, and Taylormade. All were very good but the difference was very marginal and they felt a bit different from an old forged set. Still wanted to play a different set and ended up getting a set from 2013 (yamaha x v forged). Can't say my current set is drastically better than my old 2008 set. Can't say the new irons I tried are significantly better than the set I am playing now. They are all good for different types of golfers. Chances are very high that one may play better with an old iron set depending on how it fits the golfer. I am still interested in trying new irons shafts as they may fit my swing better.
  24. Mine will come Monday.. Not sure it's about ups or PGA but my apt number was missing in the shipment... Anyone tried 75s trono?
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