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  1. Any idea if the free replacement batteries for life transfer to the new owner?
  2. I like this. Know better than to ever try it. But I like it.
  3. Wife rejected my plea for this global limited. Every reason I needed it she had a good counter argument… need to come up with some more reasons!!!
  4. Confirmed with custom shop that they won’t reshaft it since it was refinished elsewhere. I guess that forces my hand
  5. Thanks all for the feedback. The good news is no matter what it’s a win win situation. I guess I’ll have to call the custom shop to see if they’ll do the reshaft and maybe some stamping as it was refinished by BOS previously.
  6. After borrowing my dad’s Cameron’s for a couple years I finally bought my own at a 2nd swing 20 years ago. It was a Classics Catalina - at some point my dad got it refinished for me for Christmas but couldn’t track down the right shaft. It has since not seen any real play but held in regard for sentimental purposes. I’m now at a crossroads where I’d like to make it playable again and have come up with a couple options: - Send it in to the custom shop to get restarted. I know I can get the shaft on eBay but I really like the baby T grip so this is a decent path forward. - Send it to someone to get a neck welded on and reshaft from there. I’ve always gotten along better with a little toe hang so this option makes it more likely to be a gamer which would be awesome to me. Has anyone ever rolled a Catalina with a welded neck? Any general thoughts on what this might be like? Would it be close to an answer or do you think the longer heel to toe blade length would make it awkward?
  7. Op - cruising other pics on the web I think this may just be a futura and not the fluent t300 variety. Can you please confirm?
  8. The less I play the more equipment I buy. Find myself buying golf stuff when I can’t get out and play to scratch the golf itch.
  9. If my Ravens bets hit tonight I might have to be all over this futura
  10. Sub 70 has the 799 now for game improvement. But the 699 is extremely forgiving as well. My guess is that newer golfers aren’t spending money on new clubs as much and if they do they’re suckers for marketing which goes against DTC. It’s the better players who recognize the Archer is more important than the Arrow and are willing to go DTC
  11. Sub 70 699/699 Pro are such a solid option.
  12. Confused what you’re selling… add pics and price
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