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  1. For the record I am not a physician! All I have to go on is my own experience and it may not be applicable here. I had more numerous injuries, but Tiger’s leg is, from what I understand, a more serious single injury than any I sustained. I was in the hospital for a couple days short of six weeks, followed by a lengthy stay (120 days) in subacute care, then three weeks in an intense physical rehabilitation center. I am an eternal optimist. I should really quit speculating though, as none of us really knows what Tiger is dealing with, and of course his situatio
  2. Of course, going home doesn’t mean he’s going to the practice tee. But, if true, contemplating release to home or even to subacute care (Tiger will have far better care at home than he would at a subacute facility!) to my mind means minimal risk of infection and minimal to no risk of blood clots. Again of course, IF TRUE, it’s encouraging for long term quality of life.
  3. Read that Rory said Tiger may be “home in a week or so.” If true, that is remarkable! Of course Tiger going home is way different than any of us, but given the severity of that leg, if he could realistically be discharged to home in the near future, that’s good news indeed. Go Tiger!!!
  4. The hardware itself is often the cause of infection....but that is not uncommon, and can be handled many ways. Blood clots and infection are what Tiger needs to avoid. Then he can start the grind to work on quality of life. It is a Grind. I did it. And Tiger is far stronger than I was.
  5. It is totally possible — first-hand experience here. In an earlier post I mentioned a severe accident I was in 2 years ago. 45 MPH four-lane road, oncoming driver crossed double yellow and hit me head-on. Data recorder in my car indicated I’d slowed to just under 30 MPH at impact, offending vehicle estimated 60 MPH at impact. I was told afterwards by several first responders that I never lost consciousness and was barking orders while being transported in the ambulance — things like how to contact my wife and other family members including phone numbers, my home address, what school
  6. Good grief. Automotive design, simulation, and crash testing is not done in someone’s back yard metal fabrication hot rod shop, at least not any more. It is not 1948. We should be thankful he was driving a thoroughly modern car, any modern car. That accident in an older BOF vehicle could have had a far worse outcome....but as anyone who has been through something like this can attest, there is no way to explain why you lived or died or were paralyzed or not, etc. The chain of events is so very complex and the margins are so thin.
  7. We will probably never know what happened and I hope we don’t ever find out. It is none of our business. We already know what we need to know. Tiger was in an auto accident. Why people insist on speculation and armchair scene reconstruction and sleuthing baffles me. Get well, Tiger.
  8. Cannot believe some of what I’m reading on here, but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Prayers for Tiger. I know a little about what he has in front of him and it is not good. TW and I are the same age. Two years ago I had an open tib/fib AND a tib/fib plateau fracture on my L leg that required multiple internal fixations. Also fractured the socket of my L hip. Also crushed my R patella beyond repair and sustained a severe crush fracture to my R calcaneus (heel). I can no longer jog, run, play soccer, ski, jump, climb a ladder, shoot a basketball or play golf
  9. Oakmont Pinehurst #2 Shinnecock I’d be hard pressed to pick one, or even to put these three in order.
  10. Wow @mhudson111 that spine injury is no joke. ? Glad you survived! I have a long way to go with my lower body and my left arm will likely never be right, but it’s hard to believe I escaped so many other injuries I ‘should‘ have had. There are some other things that are different now. Not sure how the accident would have caused this, but who knows? I am WAY more sensitive to sun and heat than I was. Before I got hurt, it couldn’t be too hot and humid for me.Believe it or not, I’ve almost completely lost my taste for BEER ?. Yeah, definitely weird. All I’ve done so far is hit 54deg pitches in
  11. Hey @Hateto3Putt great to see your user id back on here as well! So sorry to hear what happened to you and your wife, that absolutely sucks. Everyone makes an error in judgment while driving. I can, and will forgive a mistake, but if you are impaired? ?????? Go to h3ll! Sounds like you had great medical care as well. Nice thing about Pittsburgh is the strength and talent of the medical community is far beyond what one would expect in a city of this size. My accident happened in northern NJ and the care I received (and still am receiving) humbles me greatly. You know now how you have to keep
  12. Realize how much strength I need to build in right forearm to make this work. But also need to figure out how to let the club “slot” and go without manhandling it the whole way. I have to re learn the game, period! All a blessing though.
  13. Quick update. Today I hit a golf ball for the first time in 20 months — 20 or 30 pitch shots of about 15 yards at my home. It felt good. About half the shots were acceptable, but I was thinking more about simply making contact ?. Yes, I know the right arm only drill is a classic, but all the years I’ve played, I never once tried that drill. Clearly a LONG journey between here and learning to swing a driver with one arm. My lower body injuries will pose a massive challenge, but I am pleased that balance felt ok today and I did not get vertigo, which was a real worry. Oh yes, and the ball wen
  14. Thanks again everyone. That image is the fluoro from elbow repair surgery last year. If you know what to look for you can see numerous non-union fractures. I have a hard time viewing the x-rays before the hardware went in -- gives me chills. Recent X-rays are encouraging in that all the fractures have healed nicely, but discouraging in that I have so much extra bone growth (H.O.) that the elbow is locked in place. @GLF4EVR -- you are right on. Nerve damage to my hand is the big risk to the follow-up surgery to go in there and try to free up the elbow range of motion. Nerve sensation and
  15. 1976 was not a good year for music releases. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. Several Steve Miller Band songs. Don't Fear the Reaper. Fool to Cry (I love the Stones but not this cut....) Play that Funky Music.????? You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine from Lou Rawls is pretty good, suppose that's my pick.
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