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  1. I still have one with a old school ion Blueboard 80g amd don’t think I’ll ever get rid of that club. Go back amd forth between it and a g410 19 degree hybrid but the Nike is always calling me from the closet!!
  2. Hey guys. I plan on carrying more rounds this year and just looking for some insight on best ways/cases you guys have found for bringing along the wingman. Just got it for Christmas and am pairing it with a new SL2 stitch bag. Cheers guys and thanks!
  3. I did get an email and I spoke with them yesterday. I ordered it week after Christmas. I hope they weren’t mistaken as I bought an sl2 since they were on sale yesterday
  4. Wow. Had ordered a white members bag thru DD’s and found out this morning order was refunded. Talked with them and was told titleist not even taking orders on the linksmaster til summer due to the backup in orders. Disappointing. Looks like might be time for an SL2 for this year
  5. Any interest in pm grind 64 mint wedge for fang??
  6. Thanks guys. Couple days after posting this I played and hit sim2 ti on the button for strategy off a particular par 5 tee and absolutely hit the prettiest longest 3w I’ve ever hit for second shot into middle of green for nice eagle putt (made birdie) but the sim2 just ticks a lot of boxes
  7. It looks a lot like my Nike vr pro limited 5w honestly
  8. Want to see what you guys think. I currently play a sim2 with hzrdus smoke and it is solid but always want to hear. Cheers
  9. Any better pictures? It does look really solid
  10. Are those yellow writing tour velvet cords? And can you buy them ??
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