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  1. I do feel like they might be flying a touch more. I wonder how much of it is that they feel so dang solid and flight and spin seems perfect that points to the tech with the weight/face really making them special.
  2. I love mine with hzrdus smoke black. I have a 10.5 turned down to 9.5 amd it’s a cannon. It’s the missed shots also that still fly that is really awesome too. Loving it
  3. Absolutely loving mine. Feel and flight is on par with my apex mb 18’s but they definitely do not punish as much and can get away with some off strikes for sure. These as special for sure and I just hope they don’t go anywhere in case a backup set is needed.
  4. Hey guys. Deciding to get rid of a couple of my favorites. Clubs are in excellent condition as I keep them fresh always. Please message for any other pics or info. Prices include shipping via FedEx to continental US. first up is my tour issue M6 driver. I purchased this in September of 2019 and was told it was built for a player during the 2019 fedex playoffs. Stamped loft is 9.0 but actual loft is 9.6 and was told there is little hot melt in the head. It does sound awesome. I have my Tensei Orange V2 60 stiff paired up with this. If you are not familiar with the v2 it was the prototype that became the tensei pro Orange. A little search in the forums and you’ll see what many have said about this shaft. I have loved the combo. Driver plays little over 45” and the m6 headcover is included. Price is $440 shipped US via FedEx second is my 40th birthday present to myself. These have been babied as well and really only about 5-6 rounds but mostly practice sessions while I’ve worked on swing changes. Pw shows the most use. It took a set of tcb’s for me to decide to let these go. These were ordered straight from callaway and somehow the 4 iron arrived as the dot version. Full set is 2018 Apex pro dot 4 iron and Apex MB 18 5-pw all with tour issue s400 with tour velvet cord grips logo down. All standard loft , lie , length. Price for these is $725 shipped FedEx US. Please message with any other questions or pics. cheers guys enjoy pin 9/20
  5. You guys mainly doing a claw type grip with this or cross hand as opposed to regular grip? Watching kid play for north Texas on golf channel play with one
  6. These just showed up today man they look awesome! Think it’s gonna be an awesome move to help with little forgiveness over the apex 18 mb without losing the feel or look
  7. Can anybody speak to this about the sim2 titanium head?? I just reshafted mine at 42.5 and it C9. Can I get a weight to get it to d1 or 2??
  8. 10.5 max ls at 45” with hzrdus smoke black rdx just showed up this weekend! I went with 10.5 amd it looks perfect. Nice and square with little loft at address to help with slight bow and swinging right (lefty). I’ll let you know how it goes.
  9. I would think these are going to be a big improvement in forgiveness over mb on thin and toe strikes. I currently play the apex mb 2018 and am waiting on my tcb’s to ship
  10. Well talked to callaway today and driver is looking good with a ship date of Thursday which is less than a week from order date but the TCB irons have a couple of lefty heads that are back ordered and look to be October right now. Hopefully it changes. Can’t wait for these beauties. Cheers
  11. Awesome. Will do. I’ll prob call and check with callaway tomorrow. Thanks again
  12. Anyone know if tour velvet cord is one of the grips with long wait? Ordered a set Friday and may call and tell em just send em naked if they are back ordered
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