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  1. Really excited to hit these in left handed....oh wait
  2. I’ve been very happy with my apex mb 18’s.
  3. Hey guys looking for a little better height out of my 4 iron and not really ready to get hybrid in that spot I don’t think. Wanted to compare the x forged ut 2018 to the Srixon for those that have hit both. Thanks
  4. Right now I go driver , ts2 16.5 , g410 19 degree hybrid then apex pro 4 iron then apex MB’s 5-pw. Like the op 4 iron off the tee is pint and shoot but the turf shot is hit or miss. Usually on line but sometimes doesn’t climb as high as one that’s completely flush. I’ve been debating the g410 22 degree and just caught 1/2” off and go from it to the 5 apex mb. What do you guys think of that gap?
  5. Looks like Kevin Sutherland on champions is playing the new driver and 3w right now in playoff. Hammering driver
  6. Brooks just said after round that he put a new driver in for first two rounds and that was dumb and prob why he didn’t win and went back to old driver last two rounds. You guys know what he was trying first 2 rounds?
  7. I might be interested in the shaft if you want the head sorry just found Thread on them and it wasn’t what I was thinking. Great looking club here though
  8. Here ya go. I think it’s $110 new right now but whatever thanks for the heads up.
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