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  1. Yep identical mat, Trackman and day. I even went back to the Nike and hit it again after all the blades as I just didn’t believe the spin rate. I should also say these irons must be 15 years old and I have never checked the lofts.
  2. I hit Callaway Apex MBs, TM 770s, and Titleist 620 CBs and they all span at around 7,000 rpm... anyway thanks for your replies. Time to retire the Nikes I think.
  3. I had a fitting last week and started off by hitting a few with my current 7 iron. I’m a single figure player, with 118 club head speed with my driver, and 91 mph with my 7 iron. I”m replacing (wait for it) my original Nike blades from 200x... you remember Tiger”s original Nike’s - those. Anyway the fitter was aghast when I was getting 9,250 rpm with my 7 iron... I’ve subsequently read that this is way too high. In fact I hit a bunch of new irons and they were all at the 7,000 mark my question is: how did that old blade spin so much? I di
  4. It’s extremely unusual to find trousers that fit correctly off the rack. Nine out of ten pairs need taking up to the correct length. If you aren’t doing this, you aren’t wearing them right...!
  5. The swoosh is back where it belongs. Tastefully done! Step forward with that release.
  6. Why didn't he gat a cab or uber? Why take the risk? It's not like he's short of cash
  7. I hope Steinberg makes a better job of this than the womanising. He needs an agent capable of handling the transgressions.
  8. I have over 200 and not found a way around it...! Curious to see any answers.
  9. FIrst Brexit, then Trump and now TW hitting a TM driver. Where is this all going to end?!
  10. If it wasn't Goretex in the first place it wasn't really waterproof. What caused you to think it's lost its "waterproofness" ? If it was a biblical down pour then only Goretex can handle it.
  11. Emperor nice to see you gave the shop at CPC at good work out. I left with a shirt and that was it. I regret not spending more $$$ to this day....!
  12. Adam Scott's smash factor is 1.43.... with a 7 iron you mean?!
  13. And that's shaft is way too vertical. That's all being said he was quite good at golf - lol
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