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  1. If you're staying downtown, I suggest playing Far Oaks. It's right across the river. It's in AMAZING shape and is a fun test of golf. Some links, some trees. Short drive from downtown. You'll likely see some Cardinals there too (STL Baseball players play there a lot and live there).
  2. Thanks for the info. I think we may go the Scottsdale route and drive; we don't mind that. Plus, I know my friend wants to hit Pinnacle and WeKoPa.
  3. Thanks, I'll check it out!
  4. Thanks! Ive been on here and searched that thread a ton. Been to Scottsdale a good 5-6 times. We’re looking to do Troon Pinnacle, WeKoPa (36) and open to some other suggestions. My buddy has only been once; with him, we did Quintero, WickRanch, Legend Trail , Monument and SunRidge. Budget isn’t much of a concern. Would like best (summer) conditions and desert scenery. Any suggestions would be lovely, thanks!!
  5. Hi all! Best buddy and I are headed into town Aug 18 or so. Wondering if there are any stay and play packages or promos going for a strictly golf trip? Any help is much appreciated, thanks in advance. Doing Wed early arrival to course thru Saturday evening flight leave.
  6. Flying in Monday 1/27 (landing at 9:10am local) and looking to play. Working Tuesday. Wednesday I free up at 10am and am playing. Question: Buy the 36 hole package at WeKoPa for Mon/Wed or play 1x at WeKoPa and 1x at Southern Dunes. Both places never been before. Been to all the other "big ones" and some smaller courses.
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