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  1. Stiff shaft. Let me know what you have! Thanks
  2. For price range and amenities you are looking for... living in the areas you mentioned... Broadmoor might be a good option If you live in Zionsville/ West Carmel as it's very accessible from there. Broadmoor completed a significant restoration last year with architect Bruce Hepner, new bunkers and some other clubhouse renos. I've played everything of note in the state, and the greens there are better than anywhere else in the state. Great super that keeps the course in top shape. There are no privates in the northern burbs that fit your price range. Woodland is a really good club in heart of Carmel. It's probably the most affordable on the north side, but still likely higher than you've mentioned, with a decent initiation. If you live on west side, Country Club of Indianapolis would be the one to look into. If you end up out in Fishers you can look into Hawthorne's. Don't know where they are today, but a few years back they were offering some decent deals. Good luck.
  3. When I was on a HS team, we had practice every day (or a match). We got out on the course in maybe half of the practices. The big variable is what kind of deal you have struck with your home course, regarding access.
  4. I think the idea of doing the Pinehurst alt shot was to keep pace moving along quickly, as mentioned above. My son and I played 9 holes of this format in just over an hour (on an empty course). He can't really play even a full 9 holes from jr tees without getting tired/ losing focus. And making it a scramble more or less just means playing my ball.... other than maybe his tee shots. Since it's a Pinehurst format, my thought is that holes should play roughly the combined distances of a parent + childs shot (for a par 4). But maybe I'm overthinking it.
  5. Trying to get some feedback on proper course setup for an upcoming parent/ child tourney at our club. These are mostly young (to very young) juniors (5-12), and is just a casual fun 9 hole event. It's played as a Pinehurst alternate shot, but my question is more for tee setup. The juniors typically play each week teeing from 150-200 yards (on 4s/5s) in their jr camp. I went out with my son (6) and played a few holes so he could understand the format. We began with me teeing at the regular members tees, and he in the 175 range. But it a quickly became obvious this was a waste, as my drive (and his 2nd off my drive) were irrelevant, in this format. He can hit his driver maybe 75 yards. And any approach off the ground 50 yards or so max. So him hitting an approach from my drive was meaninglessness (can't come close to green from 140-170 yds)...I was always hitting his drive from about 100-125 in. We then played a few holes where we both teed off at about 175-200. In this case, we both had "approach" shots that we were both engaged with. Me from 100 yds or so, him chipping or even putting. Would it make the most sense for both parent and kids to both tee from the junior tees in this format? I'm now thinking it does.
  6. We were smart enough to move up a tee and play the whites there at Dye. At 6100, it played more like 6600 with the wind and the elevation. Was still a fabulous day. That's such a wild course you can't help but have fun, as long as you don't take it too seriously.
  7. Played Pfau on Friday, then both courses (Ross/Dye) at French Lick Sat/Sun. I thought Pfau was an amazing track... amazing vistas and some amazing holes Definitely needs some more time with growing in the secondary rough (there are basically 3 levels of rough....sodded bluegrass that's maybe 5 yards wide which was in great shape, then another 10 yards or so of gnarly rough that was not well grown in, then the deep fescue). Fairways were for the most part great, but were spots here and there that had issues. Definitely some drainage problems on a few of them. Greens were flawless, fast and very, very firm. The course has a definite rough and brutish feel to it. We played the Blue tee markers (6700), but it seemed that on at least half the holes they were placed where the Black markers were supposed to be (7k). Probably should have played a tee up considering the wind and the elevation changes. There was debate within our group which was harder, Pfau or French Lick Dye. I felt Dye was harder, as it felt a harder driving course. Outside of a couple holes, the Pfau course had pretty wide landing areas before you were in the junk. But a couple in our group felt Pfau was tougher due to some of the extreme bunkering styles right up against the greens. Didn't help that we played all the courses in 20-30 mph winds the entire time. I lost only 1 ball at Pfau and 4-5 at Dye.... but a lot of that was just driving it better that day. I'd highly recommend grabbing a yardage book for Pfau in the shop. As having not played it before, picking lines without the book would have been very tough. And it's not on any GPS apps yet. I do think for the price level they should put books on the carts or better yet add cart GPS, as it's the type of course where it's really needed You could play Pfau 4 times for the price of the Dye course.... FWIW. And I think they are fairly comparable in uniqueness and difficulty. Dye was in flawless condition, as always to be expected there.
  8. If they have a men's league night, definitely get involved with that right away. That will quickly get you playing with a variety of members and usually a social element post- round.
  9. Most certainly noticed plenty of painted areas when I was there, seemed to be in the more heavily shaded areas where the rye was fairly thin.
  10. Hate to burst your bubble, but Augusta uses paint as well to get their desired look. It's obviously overseeded, but the uniform green you see on TV also comes from paint. At least during the Masters.
  11. Tough choice. I’m a full-time local and I wouldn’t pay those green fees during the season at either course. I can’t speak for every local but we generally play the ultra-premium courses during the spring and summer when rates are well below $100. Heck, if playing a Nicklaus course would make you happy, go for Corkscrew. Raptor Bay is more playable and there are no sand traps. Hope this helps. Thanks. I'll probably just wait and see what is available for a decent deal a day or two out.
  12. That one looked good too, but looked like it was a good bit further away. I'm actually in ft myers right now trying to decide between those two for tomorrow. My pro friend says corkscrew is awesome, but I will probably hate him after cause it's hard. Fwiw lol Edit: raptor is 104 on GolfNow, If u check a couple days out. What did you decide on?
  13. Ok thanks. SP it is. Now need to decide between Corkscrew and Raptor Bay for the 2nd round! Raptor like $50 cheaper.
  14. Shell Point or Eagle Ridge....if I have to pick one? Which usually better conditioned?
  15. Will be staying on the island for a week in early Feb. Likely get a couple rounds in.... where should we head? Closer the better, but we can drive a reasonable way....traffic seems to be a challenge in-season.
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