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  1. ​Current Handicap is 8.5 Cobra King Pro CB 3-PW with KBS C-Taper X-stiff 135 No i was not fit I use to play the Taylormade Tour Preferred MC irons and loved them. But technology has gotten better so i had to make a move to newer irons. I've always been a big fan ofTtaylormade and the quality of their irons. If i got chosen i think i could provide some great information for other Golfwrxer's on how these feel and perform. Plus being an 8 handicap is probably where most of the members are if not higher. I have never been fit for irons or any clubs in that matter so it would definitely help my game.
  2. I have a full set of CB's and i love them
  3. im a 7 handicap and would love to try your new product
  4. here's a link for some course info and reviews/pictures http://greenskeeper.org/southern_california/los_angeles/Hansen_Dam_Golf_Course/
  5. SIlver Rock is amazing and Classic Club is really nice too. Cant go wrong with either of these
  6. Already followed these guys. Great Company and website. Hopefully i can win this and finally get fitted for a full set of clubs with the Performance Set Fitting.
  7. So i should skip pga west? Ive played classic before and that was fun. Just trying to see if any other courses were in good shape right now. Is desert falls in good shape??
  8. Got 16 of us going out there on June 12-14. If you could pick one course to play what would it be...Having a mini tourney with friends and for the one time we play sober out there we want to play a really great course. Need Suggestions.
  9. Do you believe more tour players will be going away from the Blade like irons and into more of the forgiving irons in the next couple years?
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