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  1. Miami Springs golf course is close to the airport, Melreese is over $120
  2. spacecraft


    I sometimes use canam golf, never used golf now. The prices are on their website, you call them with the day and time and they'll call the course. You can ask them if there's a threesome you can join around the time you want to go out.
  3. I've played all 4 a few times in the last couple of years and I'd put the silver fox only behind the blue. The red course is shorter with some funky greens, it's my least favorite course, but they are all in better shape than other course in Miami.
  4. For grass range I go to Crandon Park, the 2 mentioned above have mats I believe. The Biltmore has a good short game area
  5. I played Shingle Creek last Monday and other than the greens recovering from being punched 2 weeks earlier I had no complaints. I never played it before the redesign so I can't compare, but I look forward to playing there again.
  6. the biltmore in coral gables has mats, so does international links, if you want a grass range drive to crandon park
  7. > @SandPiper said: > People leave this method bc they fail to learn how to spring the shaft like Nelson, Knudson. Manufacturing moves cannot create spring in the shaft properly. Its an athletic motion. Tips will last for a round or two and be chucked by the wayside or the individual will run off to other methods or swing theories, imo. > I thought that bend in the shaft had to do with the camera shutter
  8. > @garyt said: > Anybody try to do the Ballard swing with more of a left side lead? By this I mean I start back by coiling my left shoulder into my back leg. I think of starting down with my left side, weight shifts left, and I use my left side to power through the ball which gets my right side through nicely. I used to focus on pushing off with the right and thinking all right side. I feel it helps me get a better coil to start back with the left side, also. Does this make any sense and does anyone do it this way? My ballard swing is left shoulder to chin on backswing and left sho
  9. I'm not an instructor but in slow motion it looks like you lunge at the ball with your upper body. Look at how your left knee doesn't move till after you move your upper body down to the ball. Shouldn't you start the swing by shifting to the left from the ground up so the club can fall into place? Instead of bump, dump and turn as Monte says, your move is dump, bump and turn
  10. Same problem here, I thought it was just me. My range has trouble growing grass and I'm constantly hitting fat shots but never on the course. It would puzzle me that after shooting in the 70's on the course I would go to the range the next day and turn into a hacker.
  11. > > Looks pretty **** good. But bc I have been flipping the club lately, Jimmy told me I have to fold the left arm sooner so hands dont flip. This looks similar to my issue. JB would say we cant accelerate the club to max unless left arm folds. As u can see ur hands do it instead of left arm. IMO What does Ballard say to do to get the left arm to fold sooner?
  12. Actually dropping Juliette Falls from the list (it's too far of a drive for us). List is now: Eagle Creek (straight from MCO, so ok if it is busy, we'll be using it as a warm-up) Grand Cypress (36 holes) El Campeon (18 Holes) Championsgate CC (18) OCN (36 holes) You dropped the best golf course from the list.... IMHO I played Juliet Falls in December and didn't like it, dont understand the hype. It wasn't in great shape the way the grass looked especially after playing the courses at doral, maybe it was the time of year i played it? I really hated the greens, for me they were impossib
  13. I played royal st. cloud golf links on monday, $12 after 12pm. Nice links style course, they have 27 holes and no houses off the fairways.
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