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  1. Montreal Expos Kentucky Colonels Hartford Whalers Houston Gamblers
  2. Hogan didn’t win a solo tournament until after his 27th birthday. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone ever claim he was more talented than Nelson or Snead, let alone Tiger and Jack.
  3. There were more, but not all. If you to go through old fields in all the majors, you might be surprised at how different they were pre-OWGR.
  4. You have to beat the entire field. In the early 60s, the only guys who consistently played all 4 majors every year were Jack and Gary. Even Arnie didn’t play the Open every year.
  5. Not a difficult choice for me. Tiger has significantly more regular wins and played in a deeper era. The gap between him and his contemporaries is bigger. Jack had some excellent runs, but nothing like the Tiger slam. Jack has 3 more majors, but majors were not the same in his time, especially in the 60s. Today, every major has all the top 50+ players in the world. Some of the majors Jack won probably had fewer than 20, and I doubt any of them had all 50.
  6. I can appreciate that, but wonder about the wisdom in chasing even a regular win. He went 5 years between wins prior to this last resurgence.
  7. His life, his choice. But at some point, don’t you just get tired of all the injuries and surgeries? What else is there to play for? He’s already the GOAT to most, and nothing he could reasonably do will convince the rest. He’s not going to get to 18, and even if he did, the Jack diehards would move the goalposts to seconds or something else.
  8. Yeah, that wasn’t necessary. They should have just said the usual “this doesn’t reflect our values, thank you, bye”
  9. “Cancel culture” is a vaguely-defined term that usually ends up meaning “I don’t like being held accountable for my actions”. He wasn’t cancelled. His contract was terminated because he failed to fulfill it. Some first offenses are fireable; this one certainly is.
  10. I shake my head at the notion that RL did anything wrong here. JT screwed up, big time. He let them down.
  11. Gutless? He was an abject failure at the (very easy and highly paid) job he was hired to do, and he was fired. Google “Justin Thomas” and you’ll find 100 stories with the headline “pro golfer uses homophobic slur” accompanied by a picture of a dude with a Ralph Lauren logo on his shirt.
  12. The deal is: wear the clothes, don’t do anything stupid, and we’ll pay you a lot of money. Ralph Lauren isn’t the one who failed to uphold their end.
  13. I thought his apology was solid. But actions have consequences. He was getting paid to represent the brand and failed to do so. This is not the kind of exposure RL had in mind when they signed him.
  14. Harding Park seems like an obvious choice.
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