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  1. They were busy playing real sports? Mario Lemieux, 1965 Roger Clemens, 1962 Randy Johnson, 1963 Barry Bonds, 1964 Michael Jordan, 1963 Jerry Rice, 1962
  2. A Monday qualifier produces an end result of guys who played great... for one round.
  3. Ok, but why is this a better system? Feels like you and Horschel are arguing a single round qualifier is a better predictor of performance than a full season of results, which is kind of crazy.
  4. What is the magic number of guaranteed spots? 100? 50? 1?
  5. I don't get these "increase incentive" arguments. Tiger used to make nearly $100M/y including endorsements. Rory and Phil have been over $50M/y. Other top guys consistently make $10-20M (much more if they win the Fedex Cup). They have multiple homes on different contintents, fly private, etc. The PGA Tour rank and file makes $1-2M. How is the current situation not incentive enough?
  6. I’m not in favor of radical format changes, just mentioned MDF as the discussion had turned to Saturday cuts. If I recall correctly, MDF was created for logistical reasons - made it easier to finish a tournament on Sunday if there was a delay, at the minor cost of a few extra tee times for guys who had zero chance of winning. The reduced cut of 65 grm mentioned accomplishes the same thing.
  7. MDF (Made Cut - Did Not Finish) is still in use, isn't it? Guys still get paid, but they don't play the fourth round.
  8. Nobody is suggesting they're breaking the law.
  9. Most people here have probably seen this, but it is worth a re-read: https://www.espn.com/espn/otl/story/_/id/10089803/pga-tour-tax-breaks-help-fuel-giving-which-falls-industry-standards
  10. Other than give it to the players, what else would the PGA Tour (ie the players) have done with the money?
  11. The rights renewal was going to happen, regardless of the Powerpoint Golf League. And the rights are what drive purses.
  12. That’s a lot of dough. A Tiger 2000-type year would pay $40M in 2022
  13. It is no more complicated than more TV money => bigger purses.
  14. Baseball endorsements are peanuts, comparatively speaking. Read one of those annual Forbes articles - or just watch TV.
  15. PGA Tour Collective Bargaining Session:
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