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  1. I'd never take a 5 wood to Scotland, Ireland, or Bandon. I've played more links golf than Morikawa has, so I'm somewhat of an expert on this.
  2. Morikawa? Rory is the guy who won two of his majors by 8. Pretty sure you can read it hundreds of times on the interwebs.
  3. You're galaxy-braining this. PGA field > Masters field It is no more complicated than that.
  4. "When Speith peaks, he really peaks". As opposed to the guy who won two of his majors by 8?
  5. Consensus of.... ??? PGA has the strongest field in golf almost every year.
  6. That sound you hear is the Player Impact Fund draining into BD's bank account.
  7. This thread got me thinking of Guitar Hero: Cliffs of Dover, Eric Johnson La Grange, ZZ Top When You Were Young, The Killers Knights of Cydonia, Muse Welcome to the Jungle, Guns n Roses The "Final Boss" song was by DragonForce.
  8. Not guitar, but Neil Peart live was something to behold.
  9. Other "third world justice systems" include Sweden and Switzerland.
  10. Busted! Ferguson is a huge Philamaniac.
  11. Maybe Phil should call up his buddies for tips on dealing with the media.
  12. cdnglf


    Emeritus, perhaps
  13. Hyperbole in a sports discussion? What! Mr Million Situps is easy to poke fun at: https://www.espn.com/golf/story/_/id/19487129/gary-player-believes-three-senior-open-championship-titles-count-towards-total At least he's still flown the most miles and eaten the most vegetables in the history of humanity.
  14. About 25. This is the weakest era in golf, or so I’ve read.
  15. Thanks for the link. Interesting, especially the part about young drivers paying to drive.
  16. I know very little about F1, but roughly... F1 itself is an independent for-profit entity, the teams are separate for-profit entities, and the drivers are employees of the teams? Difficult to see the advantages of an approach like that for pro golf.
  17. The Tour is the players. Unlike the team sports, there's no franchise owners in golf (other than perhaps the players themselves... but it is a stretched analogy). Unlike the WWE, there is no owner or shareholders. Members of the association enjoy a lot of benefits during their careers (developmental tours, champions tour, super gold-plated pension plan, etc). It doesn't seem unreasonable for the association to take measures to protect the means of generating those benefits. Fundamentally, the PGL business plan seems to boil down to "rich dudes who will just keep writin
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