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  1. jumping back in with my third or fourth set of sterlings..............they are turning into eye2's for me can't get rid of them and they are fun to play. Has anyone had any experience with with the eq1 fairway woods? curious did a search and really didn't find anything.
  2. after a brief affair with my becu eye 2's I have decided to get back on the sl trail again, along with playing 10 clubs or less this year, should be fun!!!!!
  3. if only they'd go back to no ferrule.......
  4. @BIG STU that is exactly who I was trying to remember!!! As a member of a few forums wrx is still the one I frequent most, it is a slow time of year pga show coming up should help get things moving. So as a 16 should I be playing blades or gi irons? i kid, i kid
  5. this is a great place to start, i actually requested my local po to get some larger boxes, surprisingly enough they did.
  6. Ping still working on pat pend? I thought I read somewhere they would only reshaft?
  7. so are we talking still solid in the back like the 700 or more open cavity like the 410 with visible ctp?
  8. 86 becu's here and also 84 i believe pat pend upside down script. loft for loft right there with my i210's really thinking about reshafting them to see how they do.
  9. went back to variable length with the minimalist set, single length was a bit of a struggle just carrying 4 irons, going to order 4 or 5 irons only after the pga show and the new stuff comes out, until sticking with the eye 2 becus.
  10. thank god you can order individual irons from most manufacturers, I love minimalist golf but enjoy odds or even irons for much less cost.
  11. just picked up a lefty 6 iron to play around with..........
  12. @sdandrea thanks for the update, I'm between the awt's and dg 105's that I have in my 210's I guess I should just pick one and go with it.
  13. @sdandrea let me know how the awt's play, they're on my short list of reshaft options.
  14. I'm another one, also right eye dominant, I tend to set up to the right of target line and have to remember to straighten myself out
  15. titleist 983k and 905t splitting time in the bag, eye 2 becu's and just got a set of eye 2 v groove's, digging the k15 fairways out and hoganardi baby ben putter, g30's are gathering dust.....
  16. so here they are, 3-w are matching numbers the sand wedge isn't, curious to see how the v groove plays against the square groove in my becu's, have micro tapers in the becu's, new ones are zz lite so it should be an interesting comparison.
  17. got my new ones in will post pics tomorrow, any of you reshafted with modern ping shafts? currently have cfs in my g30's and was looking at something a bit similar for the eye 2's any help is appreciated.
  18. took the 983k out a couple days ago and was as long as my 905t which kicked the epic flash out of the bag, I honestly believe the smaller drivers just got my eye a bit better.
  19. and just ordered another set of eye 2's smh......
  20. g-off

    12 clubs?

    gotten down to less than 10 trying to get to 8
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