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  1. Recently it is trendy over the web for the real person unboxing picture and I have do a quick search on the net and found this GOLFER UNBOXING, just for a laugh.... Have a great day !!
  2. Dear all, Recently, I have a discussion with my friend whose daughter is a top ranked jr golfer (age 13-14) in our region, she usually practice 2-3 hrs per day with 1-2 hrs of body workout however she still has a gap in term of scoring when comparing with the elite jr golfers, hence it makes me wondering how many practice and what kind of practice/training are needed in order to be an elite golfer. Thank you all for your kindly comments in advance....
  3. Michael Jordan plays a unique 909 driverJust saw this picture from sports net website features Michael Jordan at Mike Weir's charity tournamnet. It shows MJ plays a custom paint job 909 driver, it is very cool, just dont know what shafts does he use in his 909 ?
  4. This is not a big surprise, we all know that GM is in big financial crisis. However do you guys think if Tiger Woods should endorses GM's products for free, in order to help PGA tour to keep it's regular menu such Buick Open or etc. Also as he part to rebuild US economic ?
  5. Hello guys I am thinking about to order a set of i10 through PING wrx department with nippon 950 GH upgrade. I used to play DG R-300 but the weight is kinda heavy for me, however with lighter and soft nippon 950 GH should I get Stiff flex ?? thank you for your help and my avg # 6 swing speed is between 85 mph to 90 mph thanks again for your advice.
  6. I am totally agreeing with you, the guys on TV were talking about two options Phil has, one is hitting a slice and another is punch out, all the sudden I saw him took a full swing with a wedge and the ball landed on the green, I just can not believe what I saw, I think Tim Clark had the same feels, because he was warming up and get ready for the playoff... best clutch shot ever.
  7. It was a great finish today, after saw Phil pulled out an amazing shot on 18, but just wondering what club did he use? because I heard from the TV, they said he was using a 64 wedge? if someone knew about this please share with me thank you.
  8. Hi all, it just occurred to me when I browsed through the Taylormade USGA list, it seems recently most of Taylormade drivers have a TP model, even the CGB MAX has a limit edition, therefore will it be kinda funny when they introduce a R7 460 Draw TP ?? (Face 10 degree closed with a Matrix OZ shaft) Just a thought....
  9. Hello guys help me out on this issue, I work in a golf store therefore a lot of time when I introduce a set of club that does not have a # 3 iron to customer, they always respond me that " I need a # 3 iron", so I explained to them how # 3 iron has been replaced by hybrid and etc.. the customer still not convinced. So I asked them how far do they hit their # 3 iron, a lot of time they told me the distance is between 150 yard to 200 yard. So it brings me an interested question just exactly how important is a # 3 iron. Because if someone do not have enough swing speed, he can not hit the true d
  10. For only $ 99 dollars you can get a HAMMER driver and a free 3 wood, that is an amazing deal.
  11. Just check the Golf Channel's "What's in the bag" section and found out they listed Nike SQ2 5 wood as Tiger's gamer. I through he used T-40 tour as his gamer. can someone confirm this? and if he did use the new 5 wood can someone tell me what did that happen, thanks a lot.
  12. 460 cc with 11.8 loft high CORI have an extra Versus rcr X J spec PROTO head for sale with h/c, it is brand new and still in plastic wrap . The spec for this driver is MRH 11.8 degree of loft, 0.9 of closed face angle. I am looking for $ 129 or BO. If you are interesting please send a PM, thank you.
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