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  1. What, the whole club for 250, with that shaft? WOW!
  2. Some might find the offset to be too much, but it just works. Also it was the softest feeling DI for me, but it did have a Quadra 100i shaft in it, which is probably my favourite
  3. Try an older Callaway - GBB heavenwood. I had one with an 80g x flex shaft and put a heavier weight in the sole (which is closer to the face than the Epic Flash). Wish I hadn't sold it. Felt great and went miles. Very workable.
  4. I haven't gamed this specific model, but I have gamed the US-spec blade and the x-blade 705m. I expect that the 701 is somewhere in between the two regarding feel and forgiveness. I want to try the 709 combo set one day
  5. I'll give you a great tip, put this in the WRX Club Tech section.
  6. Epon AF-901. Thank me later.....
  7. Matt over at TXG likes the Evo VII 757.
  8. Wedges just aren't forgiving. How would you measure that, over 1000 shots? Get what feels the best or produces the best results. My favourites are Royal Collection Dent Back forged, Epon Tour or Mizuno Jypers 2 Letter Press.
  9. Can't be, can he? Surely someone will know. I'll be impressed if he is/was. Love a 7 wood. Thanks for the info.
  10. Love that DJ sometimes carries a 7 wood. Didn't know that. https://www.taylormadegolf.co.uk/clubhouse/114697-tour-report-new-equipment-spotted-at-kapalua.html
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