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  1. I'd bring a tripod down to the driving range and take video of your swing. When I have days like you describe, it usually means that I'm early extending a bit. I can't feel it on the course but it's clear as day on video.
  2. It's way too early to crucify the guy - he hasn't even been charged with anything yet.
  3. Good call on Sonartec, although Royal Collection is still around.
  4. I've become of the opinion that if you're not going to the range to practice something specific, it isn't worth much. It's better to play. You get good at playing "driving range" and not so much golf. Range work is a lot more helpful when you're either trying to correct something specific in your swing or if you simulate playing a round. That basically means get a medium sized bucket and make it last for one hour.
  5. Another question to ask is, are the tees that you play rely more on your handicap or your average driving distance? I personally think that it has more to do with driving distance. On some courses, playing from the whites brings more trouble into play, and then I'm just hitting fairway woods off of the tees instead of driver.
  6. I like the idea of implementing a formal maximum triple bogey than pick up on the hole policy. The player would just put an "X" on their card and then move on.
  7. [quote name='rsj1360' timestamp='1398710411' post='9188467'] There is something seriously wrong with someone who would feel the need to name everything after himself. I don't understand how someone with so much money can be such a small minded buffoon. Seriously, he makes Palin look good by comparison. [/quote] It's really just branding. He's spent millions marketing the Trump brand, and people associate value with that brand.
  8. The major concern that I've gotten from other men when playing with the 'lil lady is that she'll not be able to keep up the pace. I solve this by playing a scramble with her on longer courses. I haven't experienced any outright hostility, but then again I wouldn't put up with that either. This problem has the same root cause on why the sport isn't attracting enough new golfers - the nice championship golf courses that were built up in the 90's are simply too long and difficult for them. Interbay Golf Course in Seattle has a short Nicklaus-designed course that is perfect for beginners. I
  9. Did he get there on his hovercraft or in his bulletproof truck?
  10. Those IBM commercials would have made for some great buzzword bingo games in the office.
  11. Golf is a reflection of life. You'll have to endure many failures before achieving success, and even then, success is fleeting. If you're frustrated by golf, there are much easier games to play.
  12. Obviously long hitters will always have an advantage (as they should), but a course that doesn't penalize errant tee shots certainly doesn't bring shot making back into the game.
  13. Growing the rough out a bit is a good idea. What we have now is not even "bomb and gouge", it's just plain bomb with impunity. Augusta National's emphasis on tricking up the greens in order to "tiger proof" the course seems to have the opposite effect from what they intended; there is still a premium on driving distance because hitting a short iron/wedge into the green and getting it close on that shot is more important than putting skill.
  14. Harbour Pointe is drying out - the remaining muddy spots are in the rough. The sand bunkers actually require a wedge that has bounce. Greens were slow and in average condition.
  15. [quote name='tgtaggie' timestamp='1397440782' post='9084627'] It makes you wonder how Tiger can still have the drive to win after making over $100 million on the course in 15yrs. [/quote] I remember Tiger saying that he only spent his actual tour winnings, and not his endorsement money. I'm not sure that's the same deal since his dad passed away.
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