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  1. NFW Manufacturers would not allow it if anyone would be willing to give up a chance to win. CHARLEY PENNA
  2. Toney made woods using designs he could customize because he had craftsmen who came from the MacGregor plant in Cincinnati . I have his master models and prototypes which were never produced. Toney made woods at MacGregor and the Toney Penna company which won more majors and tour events than any other designer during the persimmon era. CHARLEY PENNA
  3. I have the book .I think it is great. I alsohave BobbieLocke’s book. I think he was the best putter I have ever seen. His wooden shafted putter was bowed towards the toe. He had a closed stance (rare in my opinion) when I saw him at Tam ‘O Shanter and Midlothian around 1947. He won the event at Midlothian by a large margin. CHARLEY PENNA
  4. George Lowe was the man who taught Arnold Palmer to putt.The US Open in 1990 was at Medinah country club in Chicago, I was with Toney Penna, Byron Nelson, and George. we were standing around practice area watchingDavid Duval hitting balls. Curtis Strange ‘s Caddie walked up and said that Curtis had a bad round and wanted a lesson from George. George said to me,”come on Charley , I will show you how I’m going to make $500. While we walked over to the practice putting green ,I asked if anyone ever beat him on the green. George wore boots which had a steel rod on t
  5. The finish would be difficult to properly duplicate , because it was water based and lacquer was used. I doubt the materials are available today(EPA?)Polyurethane and similar finishes were in their infancy.The finish not only turned yellow over time,but also was considered inferior because it was easily chipped. The fable that white woods are rare has been perpetuated in correctly,in my opinion. My idea of “RARE” is a 1-9 irons plus wedges,ground by Miller Huggins,(or one of the other master grinders) , or prototypes which never made production due to difficulty to duplicate.
  6. need to see faces to value these.Also,trim rings don’t appear to be original . Possible reshafts. CHARLEY PENNA
  7. kEN vENTURI won the US Open with US Royal equipment CHARLEY PENNA
  8. Lloyd Mangrum was a war hero. He was the only tour player who did not fear Ben Hogan. My recollection is he told the tour players who were lamenting the Hawk's great play "Unless he has a gun , I'll beat him in match play today". CHARLEY PENNA
  9. I cannot give a judgment unless I have the club in my hands. However, the clubs look authentic from the pictures CHARLEY PENNA
  10. The event was only a thought a month ago. The pro bono participants did their best on short notice. The negative critics think that they know more about the the value of the course than many great players. My great players list would start with The Hawk, Mr. Hogan, who deemed Seminole worthy of his annual preparation for the Masters. The USGA was allowed to stage the next Walker Cup there. Every year since the 1930's the proam is an event which draws a top field of pros. In my opinion, it is the best course from 100 yards in. Raymond Floyd said it was the best from 150 into the hole. Mr H
  11. Claude Harmon the golf pro at Seminole in the 1940s and 50s still has the course record of 60. My uncle Toney Penna played with Clyde that day (circa 1947) and also had a great round of 63 I believe there was a hurricane within days of their playing. I think the course they played was over 6800 yards. The locker room is one of the world's best. All the winners of the pro am are emblazoned on the walls. The 1938 event was won by Toney and his partner,Edward F Hutton ,. Hutton had a home in Palm Beach, called Mar Lago. Donald Triump purchased and renovated the property from the town because it c
  12. The score depends on how they set up the golf course.I think that nobody's going to tear it up. It is a course where you not only MUST hit tee shots into the fairway ,but also on the PROPER side of the short grass in order to putt for birdies.The wind can change more than once during the round . You must have a full repertoire of shots in order to score. CHARLEY PENNA
  13. Can you find inserts that you would need in old clubs? Try buying some old clubs if you could replace the insert CHARLEY PENNA
  14. I just received an email from a friend who told me the group played through his foursome followed by Tiger and Bud Cauley CHARLEY PENNA
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