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  1. Looks Medium but it doesn't state size...
  2. Too bad this is x shaft. Only if it was stiff i would've taken it.
  3. [quote name='drifter12' timestamp='1405588538' post='9718457']Up late watching the British so posting some items I’ve been meaning to sell. 100% authentic always, prices listed OBO, please be reasonable with offers. Not really interested in trades but if you have a thought let me know. Items ship within 48 hours of receiving payment via Paypal and usually sooner. All items will be properly packed and boxed, shipped with insurance and tracking. Any questions please PM me, thanks for looking!
 Here’s a summary of items, with details and photos below:
 (1) Diamana Kai’li x5ct 60 stiff with SLD
  4. Adidas golf staff bag in ebayI'm really curious about Japanese model bags in ebay. They seem cheap considering they came from over sees and not to mention Japanese golf ware is much more expensive than US golf ware. So anyone know this golf bag is legit or fake? http://www.ebay.com/itm/BRAND-NEW-2011-ADIDAS-GOLF-STAFF-CART-BAG-JAPAN-MODEL-WHITE-SILVER-w-RAINCOVER-/220979906877?pt=US_Golf_Bags&hash=item33736dc93d
  5. [quote name='ryan_k' timestamp='1316786910' post='3584919'] nothing to worry about.....looks fine to me. it has the serial number on the shaft right? by the grip? [/quote] i didn't see any serial numbers but i wasn't particularly looking for one so i will look for it when i get home today. all scotty's have serial number? i've heard some old ones don't have serial numbers...
  6. [quote name='Scotty1140' timestamp='1316784642' post='3584813'] [quote name='ah0651' timestamp='1316783928' post='3584793'] [quote name='Scotty1140' timestamp='1316783381' post='3584777'] Looks legit to me. If that's a fake, they did a pretty good job. When you say it doesn't pass the magnetic test, please elaborate. Does the magnet stick completely? I have a couple of Studio Selects that I know are authentic and a magnent will cling ever so lightely, although not enough to stick. [/quote] It doesn't stick completely completely but magnet sticks enough when i hold the putter down, ma
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