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  1. No, the stuff MKTROUT is talking about is a very thin adhesive. Not quite transparent, but very lightly opaque. I've seen in on TM clubs when I re-gripped them. and maybe a couple of Mizuno wedges, but cant remember. Its like a very thing double layer of adhesive, not even a tape. Once you hit it with mineral spirits it cleans up easily, like it was glue. I have two Tensei fairway wood pulls and a set of KBS Max pulls, from M5 fairways and M6 Irons. I rolled the grips back a bit and the Tensei tape is a bit thicker but still not like your average double-sided grip tape. The i
  2. Hmmm, should have looked first: A can of is a cheap as you can get! Several videos on youtube.
  3. I wonder if using something like great stuff would work. Wouldn't want to use it on a car/truck tire, but maybe a low load push cart would be fine.
  4. More expensive, might at least be in stock: https://www.intheholegolf.com/FOAM-TIRES/Sun-Mountain-Speed-Cart-Foam-Tire-Kit-(3-Wheel-Set).html
  5. DAGS for solid tires, https://enableyourlife.com/12-1-2-x-2-1-4-in-urethane-knobby-tire.asp?gclid=Cj0KCQjw-uH6BRDQARIsAI3I-Uea2VWeQu_tuRTe4ZToBmvSAc4KG47Bdsy0-TZ9qA_pHGK3RSQBpr4aAjRdEALw_wcB these are $35 a pair, not much cheaper than Sun Mountain upgrade, but may be some cheaper options. or maybe these: 12" Inch Closed Cell Foam EVA Plastic Spoke Ball Bearing Wheel https://www.amazon.com/dp/B010C13DGE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_.-AwFb9GNDZG1
  6. I need a good pair of Scotty Cameron 30g weights
  7. You can get some older TM stuff here: http://golfdealsandsteals.com/tour-issue-heads/ http://golfdealsandsteals.com/heads/
  8. What weights are you referring too? The typical Scotty, Odyssey or the TM weights, are completely different. They typically have threads on the weights, the KS1 have a bolt through the center.
  9. Send it back. If you were selling that putter, would you not include a pic of the face and disclose the fact.
  10. Its been a while, but in case some one else needs to know it is 16 1/4" from the "L" in Chemical
  11. Yes, me too, I hope that is what it means. I lost all my book marks.
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