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  1. Newport 2 with a Newport shape says “fake”! And a terrible fake as well. Insert is not an insert (lines not deep). just compare it to this one: https://www.scottycameron.com/putters/select/newport-2/ That is an awful fake.
  2. Nike Air Hybrid II. https://www.nike.com/t/air-hybrid-golf-bag-lfW4ng
  3. The Walter Hagen shirts are actually pretty good. They hold up well in the wash, but I only buy them from the clearance rack (and now at their local outlet store). Never pay more that $15-20 a shirt. And if the balls get north of $30 a dozen, I'll look else where. I've only bought the 2 for $60 when I had a $10 off coupon.
  4. At least on their online store, some grips include 50g weights some don't. https://superstrokeusa.com/product-category/putter-grip/
  5. Don't need any of those racks, but placing my bid now!!!
  6. The blade is fine, your problem is the lack of a guard on that saw. If that blade were to shatter you could end up with some shards in your arm, face or eyes.
  7. Is the seller presenting that cover as authentic?
  8. Every example you posted are of the same fakes. Look at the TourSpec pictures and compare to your putter. The circle T cover has threads connecting the T to the circle. And the cover is not typical SC quality. Even after lots of use you dont get a lot of loose threads. And you have to ask yourself, why would some one sell you a north of $20,000 USD putter for $1700 USD. Now that you have it would you do the same?
  9. Just a little bit of time on google would tell you it’s clearly a fake. That circle T cover is a fake. http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/tiger-woods-u-s-open-2002-replica-putter/ how much are they asking for it?
  10. I have a tube on the catch tray, that runs into an empty mineral spirits can. Then filter and reuse.
  11. I cant tell from you picture, but if that scale has the ability to weight parts or clubs, set the weight to 0g. It should balance then see where the line is.
  12. Yes, all my irons, including wedges have Accra 80i shafts.
  13. How long have you had the club? If they were scratched at assembly, they would have shown some sign of rust by now. That looks like a fresh scratch.
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