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  1. If you just want to clean up wet epoxy, use denatured alcohol. Many just use a piece of clean paper towel. Acetone is only to clean shafts before applying epoxy (or use alcohol). Or to shape ferrules after gluing.
  2. I use these for ferrules, swing weights and other small parts. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-12-in-13-Compartment-Storage-Bin-Small-Parts-Organizer-THD2015-06/301959977
  3. Give it a day. In my neighborhood we have central mail boxes. I have found that they mark packages 1 of 3 ways on the USPS tracking site, “delivered in or at box”, “delivered at front door”, or just “delivered”. It seems with out fail, “delivered” means they didn’t deliver. Like clock work they deliver the next day. The cynic in me says, they only mark it “delivered”, to “meet” the priority mail goals when they can’t deliver on time. So give it a day, then report and have the seller report.
  4. Most putter shafts have a section of parallel tip. 3-4 inches. Most times these are installed straight without tipping the shaft. Then butt trimmed to length. Lets say the OP wants to go from 35" down to 34". And there is 2 or 3 inches of parallel tip on the shaft. They could heat the hosel, pull the shaft. Cut the tip off 1" and reinstall the shaft. Not removing the grip, etc. Just pull the shaft, tip trim and reinstall.
  5. Took me a bit to remember but Cobra sells Arccos grips with out sensors. https://www.cobragolf.com/cobra-connect-grips I don't see them on Pings site (although they sell replacement grips) but maybe they'll add Arccos Grips without sensors at some point.
  6. Here's a thread from a long time ago, and they appear to be a Japanese company.
  7. Have a look at this sight, sounds like the same company Como Come design studio: https://comocome.com/ https://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/comocome/ https://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/osharena-golfselect2/
  8. These seem to still be available here: https://www.valuegolf.com/steel-wood-shafts/apollo-stepped-steel-wood-shafts I actually have one from a few years back when I was planning to experiment with a steel shaft in driver. Never bought a head to use. Back then people were talking about the Cleveland Classic head on a steel shaft:
  9. I’ve used GE silicone in white. Acrylic (water based) caulks might shrink.
  10. Another option depending on how much you want to take out is to remove the shaft from the hosel, cut it and reinstall. Most of the .370 shafts have a long .370 straight section. A mistake I have made in the past with putter shafts is to install the shaft (no tipping) and them butt trim. I play most at 33" So that does not leave a lot of butt section for the SS grips. Now I tip trim as much as possible and then butt trim.
  11. Did you actually go there for a fitting or did you buy online?
  12. dbdors

    Pearland, TX

    Their website says Southwyc all over it: https://www.southwyckgc.com
  13. I don't know anything about Datrek bags, but I like my BagBoy Quad XL a lot. Sturdy, simple to fold and unfold. Very stable. I also like how the bag sits more upright. I had the opportunity through a gift program at work to get a new BagBoy Quad for free. I got one and sold the Clicgear. Won't look back. I was a long time Clicgear 3.5+ user. Their carts are bullet proof IMO. They work well. However, I never liked how stand bags with a foot to kick the legs would work on the 3.5+. They would always squirm and twist. A flat bottom bag like the Ping Hoofer/TM Flextech works
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