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  1. So is there no update to RG? I noticed the said software updates via Wi-Fi. Was the original not able to update?
  2. $700 for a plain Studio Stainless? Worth $900? https://houston.craigslist.org/spo/d/sugar-land-golf-clubs-scotty-cameron/7436466072.html
  3. Never mind I found the answer here:
  4. Is the 4 inch measurement true for all ventus shafts, including the blue?
  5. SOLD: Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor. Not much to say. Like new unit. I literally used it twice. In perfect working order. With case, cord startup sheet and box. SOLD: $300.00, shipped to the ConUS.
  6. Its been a while, did you ever find the spec? I have been looking as well.
  7. The Golf Works hosels are right hand only: "No we do not have these putter hosels in left hand. I am not aware of anyone who offers these for left hand"
  8. Could be one of two things. Looks like the ferrule is separating from the adapter. If it is just the ferrule moving up then no issue. You could apply a bit of epoxy with a tooth pick and push it back down. However it could be that the adapter came loose and that would need to be pulled and glued back on. What happens when you hold the head and twist the grip? If it is loose then the adapter is loose. If no movement, then its only the ferrule. Edit, My guess is it's only the ferrule.
  9. dbdors

    Kirkland KS1

    Plug this into google: site: golfwrx.com kirkland ks1 putter
  10. Thanks, and specd out for no tipping works as well. I can pull the adapter. I have the tools, but would rather not. I actually ordered some ferrules from Golfworks as well.
  11. Just a final clarification, the replacement shaft is a Ping Alta CB 70S, Slate Gray, same as Ping supplies with the G425 hybrids. It has an adapter and grip installed. It was simply removed from another club as is. This is not a raw uncut shaft, so no room for 2” of tip trim. I assume based on what Ping says, that the Alta is pre-tipped for the 3, 4 & 5 hybrids, and they simply butt trim accordingly. I will do the same. Again, thank you all for your help.
  12. I did the same on Tuesday. But the graphics distances for the 3, 4 & 5 are all the same. I was looking at the 70R or 70S. They were all the same when the clubs were set on the ground. Kind of confirms what Ping said. but I couldn’t be sure, thus I asked here. Since it is a house shaft, they could all be pre tipped and painted the same. But I don’t know that.
  13. What epoxy did you use?
  14. There’s only 1” of play length delta between the 3H and 5H shafts, so only 1” to work with. Unless I add an extension, don’t want to do that I’ll go with the Ping recommendation and butt trim only. I don’t think they’d steer me in the wrong direction.
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