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  1. Hey Guys, Serious wrist injury so my golf has been put on hold for the foreseeable future, which means I need money for my other hobby. All prices are OBO, and I am not interested in trades unless it is Adidas Ultra Boost or NMD Shoes in Size 10.5 Cobra F6+ with UST Elements Platinum Proto 6F5. (X-Stiff). This club has been used for less than 10 rounds and comes with a UST prototype shaft. SOLD Cobra King Wedges (56/10 V Grind) (60/04 W Grind) with UST Recoil Wedge Proto Shafts 05/06 out of 100. This wedge has been used for 5 rounds and a range session. Virtually Brand New $60 Shipped
  2. GBB Sold and last and only price drops on these items. I am practically giving them away at these prices.
  3. Motivated seller guys, Really need to replace this Gopro so feel free to send offers to get shipped out tomorrow.
  4. Thanks man, have had a few PMs but everything is still available. Need to order this new Gopro so I am motivated, but feel my prices are more than fair.
  5. It is a pretty smooth shaft. My Driver SS is about 105 FWIW, and I have zero problems loading it. I would say it plays much more like an S+
  6. Hey guys, everything is priced to move. My Gopro Hero 4 got stolen, and I rely on it quite a bit for my job, so I need to get a new one. I feel these prices are MORE than fair, but feel free to send offers. Big Bertha Mini 1.5 Stock Kuro Kage X-Flex Shaft. This club was played for about half a season. It is a great one for people looking for something long off of the tee, but still able to be hit from the deck. Has some scuffs which I tried to show in my pictures. Looking for a quick sale so priced it cheaper than what I have seen on Ebay. Looking for $100 Odyssey Works V-Line 35” with Su
  7. If someone is in the area of Golftown and wouldn't mind grabbing an extra mallet I would pay you for it plus shipping to US and a bit extra for your time. I want one so badly.
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