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  1. Update: I finally received my replacement driver. Taylormade was kind enough to replace my drive with the 2017 M1. I will say I was very surprised as the store had at least 50 2015 versions on the rack. I'm also very pleased how much better the 2017 model feels as to the previous model. I did have to change my setting to optimize, but over all I am very happy with the feel. It was something through last season that I didn't enjoy and toward the end of the season started to lose a little confidence. (Could have been from the face starting to dent) I had not tried the 2017 version till I got the
  2. Your smash factor is higher with the v6, which would translate to better ball speed. Peak high have a few factors, launch and spin.
  3. Of the 3 shafts you have mention, they are all designed for different ball flights and spin characteristics. Based on the performance of you 757, what do you think is missing? Spin? Dispersion? Feel? Personally I prefer a lighter shaft in a stiffer flex than a heavier shaft in one less flex. Ex: 60x vs 70s in the same shaft. Hope that help you make a decision.
  4. I bought a M1 last March and had to return it this April. I notice a dent near the toe of the face. I had speculated that it dented much earlier but I thought it was me being paranoid. This is my 3rd TM driver to dent in the same spot. 07 burner tp, r11 tp, and now the M1. I was playing a 910 D2 prior to the M1. My question is has this been happening to other TM owners? Is the toe a weak spot. I know my miss is sometimes the toe strike. But it probably 1 out of 10 shots. It is being replaced by TM, but I'm considering not even playing the replacement and trying a whole different brand.
  5. I have purchased from them in the past. Their clubs are usually as described. They are located in Montreal Canada, and sometimes the shipping can be delayed for a few days. The reason they use Champlain as they warehouse for shipping is to bring the cost down for the buyer. If they marked the shipping from Montreal it would be 3-4 times the price.
  6. I have mine check in the spring, usually when the season starts I practice outdoor in grass. But in the winter month I play indoor and practice inside a dome. While not every club is off, about half need a little adjustment.
  7. You'll be fine, if it was the tip of of the shaft it would weaken the shaft.
  8. and by no means a 'true' forged iron loyalist... common, an Apex Pro 16? I'd throw the AP2 out the window too. Enlighten us "true forged loyalist" what is you opinion of the current best forged iron?
  9. My vote is the Apex pro 16. I tried most of the popular brands, ap2, the CB, cobra forged and Mizuno 900 tour. They all felt good, but the Apex are simple imo perfect. This is the first Callaway club I have owned, so I am by no means a brand loyalist.
  10. if you ordered them in good condition I think you got what you asked for. I always order in like new condition because the price isn't that much different. If you want new clubs go and buy new clubs. Do you work for CPO? To me good condition does not included dented grooves. Bag chatter is another thing. The price was actually a sigificant difference close to 30%. But you right, if I wanted new I should have purchased new. However in this case, I purchased based on positives reviews of their clubs, as well as expecting club being so young that they would be very critical in their inspection an
  11. I have purchased for the first time from cpo. One of the things I disliked about ordering from them was being able to see the actual condition of the irons. However based on my reviews for other members about how satisfied they were with their purchase, went ahead. I will admit I am disappointed with the club I received, and the condition. I believe the condition should be relative to the age of a perticular club. If you order a 10 year of set of iron listed in good condition, you have a certain expectation. I ordered a set which is fairly new on the market. 2 irons have dents in the grooves
  12. Valdre78

    Apex pro 16

    I wondering if I could get a little insight from those who have or are current playing these irons. My question is how well are the irons holding up? I know the forging is very soft, and have notice a lot of used sets to have beat up grooves. I am not one to change irons every year, but I am also one that like to keep my club in the best shape possible. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you
  13. I have then Apex pro 16 as well, and the spin numbers were high for me. My 7 was in the 7-8k with a couple of different shafts. When I tried the DG pro, shaft it's felt amazing had a nice whip to it, however the spin was way high. I don't remember the exact number but the fitter had said the spin was too high. I ended up on the stock Px 6.0. All that being said, from your info you are consistent, and I highly doubt anything will dramatically change your spin numbers unless you change how you swing. In the end, is it worth playing poorly for a little while to change your spin while you transiti
  14. Apex pro 16, can't wait to get them!
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