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  1. Crazy to here but are they worry double? I just bought gen 3 tours at 180 but I just don’t ever see spending 350 an iron
  2. They are. It’s not a substantial discount currently. For example the driver is 520 for heros
  3. The PXG rep I have used since the beginning of my PXG days said he got the best numbers with the XF actually. Said he thinks its going to go a touch farther than his Proto X+ and given its probably more forgiving that would be absurd since the Proto drivers are rockets.
  4. Did you have the previous 0211 before? I’ve thought about ordering these the exact same way you did but felt that was a lot of manipulation to try and make them work
  5. And those clubs are probably unplayable on a course for him. 3* stronger so not a true comparison and that amount of spin is going to have a hard time holding greens and even staying in the air at times. I saw the post, he mentioned he liked his gen 3 better. The new 0211 are going to target the higher handicap golfers that love hitting it far. I don’t think they are going after any super good players with those kind of numbers I have the original 0211 and am super disappointed with the new 0211 and all the numbers being posted
  6. I’ve had packages not update for a week when my mail man picked it up. Sometimes they just don’t scan and then it just sits somewhere. Sounds like yours is more extreme though for it to still say label created. Good luck man! One of my recent shipments took 27 days
  7. I have both. I think feel is very similar. I have the proto +. It sits more open that my gen 2 0811x. Forgiveness is about the same. The proto launches a bit higher imo and does feel like it’s a few mph faster for ball speed. It’s a really good driver. Gen 2 is also really good. I don’t think you will be disappointed.
  8. I’m in Indiana and just had a package take 28 days. I had a 7 and 9 day delay on tracking with no movement. It will show up
  9. Hybrids for me. Especially a 5 hybrid. Im a pretty good player too and there is a stigma around 5 hybrids and even 4 hybrids. Once I got past it and realized some people need them it was a game changer. I need them solely because I am very shallow. In a fairway and on a tee, 4 iron and 5 iron is absolutely no problem. In rough it is just a different story and I struggle. Not anymore though!
  10. Idk but sucks as I like to try things lol. I listed a callaway jaws 5 md5 54 brand new in plastic and an 60c thats been used 2 rounds for $220 and silence lol. Have some vokey sm8s Ill probably list soon and assuming silence too haha
  11. Been a vokey user forever. I think the SM8 are absolute garbage. I dont get the lower ball flight that they advertised. Balls just seem to want to go up in the air. Feels a bit clunky to me and wedge just feels really heavy as well. I have a 54.10s and 60.08m. Not a fan. SM7 are better to me
  12. I’ve used it extensively now. It’s an absolute bomber. Have been in some places that I’ve never been in before. I think it’s an upgrade over gen 2. I have the X+
  13. Never had that issue with 0211. I’m a 1 handicap and can hit pretty much any shot I want with them. That being said, can never go wrong with mizuno
  14. Good info. I couldnt really figure it out. May try that. Bought a different bag already though but this wont have any resale value with shipping cost so its just going to sit. May as well try and make it functional.
  15. The new wedges don’t perform anything like the older models. They are so much better. No more of that straight digging. They really did a nice job on these
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