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  1. I'm 6'2" and this year I built my driver to 45.5". The last 10 years or so I've been playing it at 45"
  2. - Large/Tall adidas polo shirts, so I don't have to tuck the tail in every 5 minutes. - Structured hats that fit my fat head. - Flat bills that don't make you look like a DB. - Size 37x31 pants.
  3. This year I play the M3 460 at 45.5" and the M4 at 45.75". (end of grip) On previous drivers everything was 45". For the 3wd i cut them all to 43.25" EOG.
  4. https://bettinardi.c...tour-dept-dass/ If its a dream putter I can dream... Head: BBZero Soft Carbon Spud Neck Tour Dept w/ Copper Insert (like the QB6 limited.) Head Finish: Black chrome Shaft: Glossy Black PVD Double Bend. ½ shaft offset Length: 35.5" Lie: 69* Loft: 4* Weight: 345g/350g Right Handed No sight line or dot. Cavity script from the TPT BBZsero Series Skull and Bones “dancing” along the length of the sole. Under the Skulls “BBZero Tour Department” Face has a Zombee on the heel from the Zombee series Face milling is the classic Honeycomb milling. Paint fill: Black, white, and b
  5. So far so good! That's how I was taught to build, via the guys from the Tour Dept/ Truck. Example... Driver -.5" 3 wood -1" 5 wood through 7 wood -1.5" 2 hyb straight in 3 hyb -.5" 4 hyb -1" 5, 6, 7 hyb -1.5" Then, butt trip to the desired playing length.
  6. I built my 3 wood at 43" and tip trimming 1".
  7. I'm 6'2'' and 250 lbs. 38 waist and 30 inseam. It'd be nice if there was a 37 waist with out getting them tailored, hahaha. Any way, on to the shirts. I've worn an XL in everything for the last 15 years, but as of the last few years they have gotten huge! I wear mainly adidas and in a few models I've gone down to a large. The biggest issue is the length, most polo shirts are too short. The best shirts out there right now are Adidas, Under Armor, and Carnoustie Tech. FJ gets an honorable mention, but they're huge... even in a large, more of a "large plus". Cutter & Buck does offer a few
  8. I have a similar if not the same putter. It was a tour only proto with a milled stainless steel insert. I can post pictures of mine if you'd like.
  9. According to my dad I have quite a few Scotty Pippen putters.
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