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  1. 1. Scotty Cameron Futura 5W 35 inches long Club is in good condition but has small discolorations dots which can be seen in the pictures. $180 2. Tour Issue Callaway Sub Zero Epic 9.0 degree head Has a small crack in the carbon fiber on the bottom of the club, which I believe is fairly common in these drivers. Does not affect play. $70 3. Titleist 716 MB 2 iron with KBS Tour X flex $85 4. Tour Spec Fujikura Atmos 8-X 43" Long with Callaway Tip One with Grip: $125 Without Grip: $120 5. Oban Kiyoshi 05 Flex 65 grams Made fo
  2. 1. Titleist ProV1X 2018 -Brand New no logo’s - 4 Dozen $165 2. Callaway Epic Sub Zero (2) 9° TC head Both clubs are in good shape 8.5/10 $200 each 3. Scotty Cameron Newport with black dot Club is a gamer with normal wear. The paint is faded in some areas. 35 inches long 7/10 $170 4. Taylormade M1 with Tour AD DI 8X Club has alignment pole scratches on the top of the club. 6.5/10 $150
  3. 1. Blast Motion Golf Sensor - Can be used on putting as well as full swing Includes all orginal items as well as an extra black holder. Price: $60 2. Taylormade M2 Tour Issue 3 wood -15 degrees - 43.5 inches long -Good Condition 8.5/10 with normal wear marks. -T serial number Shaft details: - Flex: 6.5 - 75G Price: $225 3. Nike Golf Belt 34 inches Black and White Reversable Never worn but tags have been taken off Price: $25 4. Nike Golf Belt 36 inches Black and Brown reversable Never worn but tags have been taken off Price: $30 5. Brand New Diamana Blueboard Driver Shaft -Nike Adapte
  4. I played the Di for years and switched over to the MT. Felt like launch angle was slightly lower with a touch more spin. The MT fit me better.
  5. Tour AD DI 6S Taylormade Adapter 44 inches Well used as shown by the bag mark on the shaft but still works great. Price: $120 10 Midsize Multicompound Grips (Red) Brand New Price: 10 for $90
  6. Ping G 10.5 Head Only 9/10 Condition $125 Shipped
  7. 2 Dozen 2017 Titleist Prov1X Brand New In Box. $80 shipped.
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