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  1. Strong lofts doesn't matter, what matters is the side effect of messed up gapping. The Cobra irons referenced earlier has 6° between the wedges and 2° between the long irons. Not a single player in the world benefits from that, quite the contrary.
  2. Absurd specs. The number on the sole doesn't really matter, but playing these clubs will, best case, give you a 3 yard gap between your 4 and 5 irons and 20 yards between your wedges.
  3. If I could decide I would roll back the ball AND put a limit on driver head size. That way we could roll the ball back a little less and have the smaller driver make up for the rest, and also ease the cognitive dissonance created when you hit a limited flight ball with a modern turbo charged toaster driver and see the ball dive like a dead duck.
  4. 6 out of 7 in the 30-39 group hits it past me? I refuse to believe that.
  5. Where I practice the range ends at ~250 yards and with the limited flight balls you have to nut it to reach the fence. We have no hard facts but within our gang the consensus is that you lose 10-15% with a driver and 5-10 with a wedge. The balls flies lower and the lower your ball flight the more distance you lose. It doesn't matter distance wise but the low trajectory can potentially mess with your swing. We always have to remind each other to hit it pure and straight and never mind the flight.
  6. Tbh that impact position looks more like 18th place in a club championship B-flight than 18 majors.
  7. Sergio winning always makes me happy. He carries all the same demons as we mere mortals.
  8. Stenson has the edge if you look att the OWGR, right? He was no. 2 for a while and was top 20 in 2007-2010 and a consistent top 10 player 2013-2017. Except a dip in 2011-2012 he has been ranked higher than Zach since 2006.
  9. Strömsborg

    2020 US Open

    The last four putts he hit just for giggles. Then he whacked his bag with the putter, maybe he broke too many clubs to continue.
  10. Strömsborg

    2020 US Open

    I like Bryson. That small seismic movement you felt was him jumping to get a glimpse of the flag before his chip on 18.
  11. I once ended up in the same group as Euro tour player Joakim Lagergren. Actually I talked myself into his group, not something I'm proud of. But hey, we all act like idiots some times. He must have been around 20 at the time. Now he's got one win on the Euro tour and ~$4 million price money but I don't think he was very happy with his game that day. I think 73 from the members tees. His drives was arrow straight and 270-280 yards on muddy fairways but he couldn't hit the greens with a wedge and had to hole several sex footers just to stay around par.
  12. Lynx Parallax - beginner years. Ping ISI - first proper set. Started out as blue dots, got bent to white. Ping EYE 2 - failed experiment. Mizuno TPZ - another failed experiment. MacGregor MT Pro - two different sets. Played them exclusively from 2009 to 2018. Bridgestone J33 - kept as backups, nice clubs that never really got the chance. Titleist AP2 710 - currently in the bag, sporting the Nippon shafts from one of the MacGregor sets. Current inventory is the AP2s plus bits and pieces from the MacGregor sets.
  13. You don't have to go to a pro event. A guy at my club who I from time to time practice and play with and compete against hits his 3-wood 275 in the air. With the World Handicap System that came into effect March 1st in Sweden his index got revised to +2.9. After watching him hit a few shots and seeing the TM numbers your own practice session feels completely futile.
  14. I don't know what they were talking abput then. I thought it sounded a bit much with a four stroke difference between Pebble and Spyglass. As for Smylie, he was on the cut line when he pulled or hooked the drive on 15 (his sixth hole), punched out straight across the fairway, and then, I think, he hit the green from there but needed four putts for a triple bogey. Played well from there but missed the cut by two.
  15. In general or this year? I thought I heard them say that Monterrey was two shots harder than Pebble and Spyglass another two shots harder.
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