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  1. Elevate Tour X is more of just a traditional DG profile that's stiffer in the butt and softer in the tip to help increase launch angle. Modus 120 is it's own design, goes really soft in the middle and then the tip gets really stiff. Elevate Tour X is more similar to Modus 115x.
  2. I think the differences in technique are outlined in the first 6 minutes of this video comparing Justin Thomas to Jordan Spieth.
  3. Yeah I think I'm going to reduce to 3 shots: low shot, standard/high shot, and flop shot. And actually my problem has been getting hands too far forward on all the shots and getting the leading edge into the ground, so maybe I should only play the low shot when absolutely required by the lie. Can always play standard shot with 8-iron or 9-iron or whatever. Thanks.
  4. Have been re-evaluating my short game recently because I fear it's become too complicated. It's great in practice and terrible when I play. I've previously had multiple launch options for short game shots - low, medium, high, flop. I started to wonder if this is causing too much indecision and I need to simplify my available shots. In the Mickelson short game video he advocates only having a low and a high shot. But his reasoning is that you can't play the ball in the middle of your stance because you'll swing high and miss the ball entirely. But doesn't that logic also work for the ball back in your stance hitting the low shot? Wouldn't you also miss that ball? I don't get it.
  5. They are pretty different compared to Modus 120 stiff. They are stiffer overall and much stiffer in the midsection.
  6. I'm going to laugh if it's Callaway that sued them over the C-grind. That's pretty silly considering I don't know how you can patent a wedge grind, and very rich considering Callaway has nearly the exact same grind as the Vokey S-grind and they also call it the S-grind. I love the look of these T22 wedges and I understand it's costly to release every standard loft in every grind. But they skimped on these. It's obvious the S-grind was designed for 12 bounce, the D-grind 10 bounce, the C-grind 8 bounce, the X-grind 6 bounce. But that's only available in the 54, 56, 58, 60 respectively. Depending on the lofts you want you end up getting a bounce that's +/- 2 degrees from the designed bounce.
  7. Anyone else find it interesting that the same grind changes in bounce as the loft increases? It's an exact correlation. Almost like it's the same head design just with the loft adjusted?
  8. Have never seen a 58-8 Zipcore, I'm guessing that's a one-off grind for him.
  9. No idea about the lawsuit, apparently I missed that part of the thread.
  10. I don't understand how the T22 wedges still aren't on Mizuno's website. No idea where to find available lofts, grinds, etc.
  11. I don't have the profile graphic but I've seen it before. S-Taper is really about the same profile as the KBS Tour. Constant taper design. It has a different manufacturing process though (hence higher cost), most seem to think it's a little lower spin than KBS Tour.
  12. The i210s are one of those classic PING irons that people will be playing for years and possibly decades. I've had mine since 2018 and they are still in fantastic shape. No reason to even try anything else.
  13. The Tour-V wedge shaft is pretty similar to the KBS 610 125 shaft. Compared to S-Taper it's very stiff in the butt and mid then goes softer in the tip. Theoretically should be lower launch but maintain spin. The feel is very stiff compared to most wedge shafts. The shaft feels very "one piece" if that makes sense. They both easily handle full swings if you want to hit full wedges. Even the 610 120 shaft is pretty stiff. Personally I love the tight feel and the ball flight.
  14. Since SS refuses to make the 2.0PT I've been using this Lamkin grip instead. Not quite the same shape but it's very nice. Sinkfit Pistol Polyurethane
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