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  1. They probably have new milled putters coming. They always have another line where they try to use some "tech" and have lots of headshapes. To be fair, they are trying to give people the popular headshapes. It will really come down to how this new insert feels, to me the old Sigma 2 insert was way too soft. Anyway just thought I would post this from the Japanese website.
  2. nova6868

    Sik Putters

    I'm interested in them but from what I've seen all their putters are at least 370 grams. Just too heavy for me.
  3. Bad news. Hope it's not because the 1.0PT didn't sell very well. Because I would guess it didn't do well because it's just too small.
  4. The profile is slightly different, the $-taper HT is lower launch, it's actually closer profile to C-taper.
  5. The TR grooves weren't well received by their tour staff, and the reason is stated in the marketing for this new line - "the face features shallow grooves that provide consistent feedback no matter where you strike the ball on the face" From what I've heard the main issue with the TR grooves was inconsistent sound/feedback across the face, and this interfered with distance control for some players. I think this new line could be great - They have the consistent grooves back, tungsten weights... it's all going to come down to the feel of the new insert. Hope it's firmer than the la
  6. There's no right answer here, try both and see what you like. Without adding weight to the head you might feel that the head is too light. However if you add enough weight to get back to the same SW you might feel like the total weight of the club is now too heavy.
  7. That is nice. Very clean. How much toe hang with that neck?
  8. I was very interested in trying the new Zipcore Tour Raw with a custom grind. Specifically I wanted a 58 Mid with the heel grind. Figured this would be something like a Vokey M or D grind. However the website says they are no longer taking custom orders. I don't know if they were just overwhelmed with orders or what...
  9. The look at address is pretty clean for most of these. I don't really care about what the bottom looks like. That being said I hope PING got the feel right with these, lately they have this issue where their putters are either way too soft or extremely firm. The best feeling PING putter in the last 10 years is still the old Anser milled line from 2011. Surprised nobody has pointed out what looks like tungsten heel/toe weights on the face of several models. Pretty cool. I'm guessing the insert is fairly light and the tungsten weights add the weight back. Also the TR grooves are gone
  10. Anyone tried the new Elevate ETS yet? Apparently the same as previous Elevate but with a stiffer reinforced tip section. I guess the feedback was the previous Elevate was a little loose feeling?
  11. Seems like this putter shaft has been talked about for years - is it actually available for sale now?
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