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  1. Hey JYK, if you want it just send Paypal and it's yours. Sent you a direct message as well. [email protected]
  2. I think Toulon gets a decent amount of play for how long they've been around.
  3. You may recognize this putter if you follow Mike Malaska, it's the same one he rolls. This is Honma's take on the milled Anser 2 design. - Soft Stainless SUS303 - Ported neck to save weight - Tungsten weights added to the sole to increase MOI and forgiveness - Headweight is 360 grams - 34 inches, I can add 1" extension if you want 35 - Stock grip still in plastic, never used - Stock headcover, never used - Putter is new, never been outside. Mint/New condition as you can see. These were $450 brand new and I don't think you can even buy them anymore
  4. That's funny I have AD-VR 6x in driver and Tensei Raw Blue 85TX in 3-wood. I have played both IZ and VR, to me they are nearly identical profiles. The VR is just slightly stiffer due to the addition of TORAYCA T1100G carbon fiber.
  5. I keep coming back to the AD-VR 6x in my driver. Tipped half-inch, my SS about 112. It's just so smooth feeling with a nice kick, but doesn't get away from you like the DI or IZ. It's really the best of those shafts. I would like to try the AD-XC or AD-HD just to compare, but wouldn't be surprised if I keep coming back to the VR.
  6. Because the guys in the trucks say "Hey you want this cool new graphite shaft in there? It's nice." and they say "OK sure, whatever"
  7. Trying to decide between RTX 58/10 with heel grind vs. RTX 58/9 Full-Face. Would like to hear from those who have seen them. Although Cleveland doesn't have the 58/10 in stock so they may have decided for me. Haha.
  8. The rule seems like it would be pretty simple really - the grip can only touch your hands.
  9. To my eye the Japanese San Proto is just a one-piece tri-sole of the San Diego. It's not the same. The BB Proto has longer cavity due to different shoulders, slightly smaller and softer bumpers, topline a touch narrower and flatter, also heel shoulder transition is curved instead of straight. Lots of slight differences. The BB Proto / Santa Monica ticks all the boxes. Looks incredible from address. I would love to track one down. Maybe Mr. Toulon will read this and offer to sell me one. Haha.
  10. Their regular grips are 10.5 and the wrist-lock is 13.75. How do you know Xander's is 15-17 inches? It looks like just the regular wrist-lock to me.
  11. It's not the same. There was another model Toulon made for tour players, can't find the pictures now. But it was very similar to the BB model, was a one-piece tri-sole design. I still recall them saying these putters were coming out and then they never did.
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