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  1. The new Studio Stock line looks awesome. I'm thinking about pre-ordering but what does that get you? Do you get it before everyone else or get some cool accessory or something?
  2. I'm impressed with Cobra, I think it's a cool idea. Decent looking. I like the topline. Just not sure about the 400 price point and it's only available 34". Doesn't even say what the headweight is.
  3. Byron 615 Custom options include: Milled bumpers (+$100) Softened Neck (+$100) Tour Dot (+$50) Would be $750+tax new from Byron and you'd be waiting several weeks Mint Condition 9.5/10 Tri-Sole 350 grams Stock loft/lie, I believe 3/70 Length as pictured 35" Lamkin Deep Etch grip in great shape, this is the new one with Genesis material Will ship with generic headcover for protection $550 SOLD Trade interests: Tensei AV Raw Blue 60TX, Diamana ZF 60TX
  4. Yeah that's not even close but I like Brandon's finish much better.
  5. Bettinardi reps traveling around the country to hand out putters to LPGA players so their brothers can sell them. Good times.
  6. I'm guessing they do 350gm heads with the regular shaft and 360+ with the stroke lab shaft. I'm really excited about this one, pretty much exactly what I've been hoping they would come out with:
  7. Just need to look at the smaller custom putter guys. There are dozens of them now and you can get a sight dot putter for much less than Circle-T prices. Update: Sent you a message
  8. No idea about the 2-Ball pictures, Haha. Website error or something. I can't delete them.
  9. Everything priced to move, I'm losing money on all of this. Price includes Priority Shipping to 48, might be extra Hawaii/Alaska. Only trade interest would be Mitsubishi TENSEI AV Raw Blue 60TX, Diamana ZF 60TX, GD AD-HD 60 X/TX. Bettinardi inovai Crescent 6.0 In great shape, could probably pass for new Length as pictured 34 7/8" Stock Loft/Lie KBS CT Tour shaft installed by KBS New Winn 2020 AVN Midsize Pistol Grip with matching colors Stock headcover $250 - SOLD Accra Tour-Z RPG 462 M5 PING G400 tip Some epoxy
  10. I'm really hoping they bring that RC Face and some good head shapes to the Studio Stock series.
  11. Have the PX LS had any tour pickup at all? I haven't seen any. I'm still not sure where this shaft fits in their system. I know it's supposed to be low spin but looking at the profile and other specs I don't see how it's much different from Regular PX.
  12. Wow that is rough. I could understand 1-2 grams, but 8 grams is way off. So you pulled the head to weigh it? What weight did you want? Just curious.
  13. They supposedly re-launched the PLD thing for customers, but for the new program you had to go out to PING HQ and be fit into your PLD putter. I had heard the price for the experience was over $1000. Anyway it was pretty bad timing with Covid lockdowns soon after and nobody was interested in traveling to PING HQ for a putter. Haha I think they should just relaunch the PLD website and have a few more options. The problem with the first website wasn't lack of interest, it was lack of options.
  14. Per Bettinardi website this new face milling is called Roll Control Face (RC Face)
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