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  1. As far as I know it was just his standard satin finish on the 9306. Carbon steel. Standard light face milling.
  2. Always loved the classic 9306 head and felt it was one of the best-looking Anser designs of all time. I found one in mint condition, only problem is the head weighed about 330 grams. So after talking with Kyle Lucas at Bastain Milled, it's now 351 grams with custom Cameron tungsten weights.
  3. Yeah some PING guys do it, seems like I've seen some of the TM guys do it before as well. Here's a question - Since Tiger's PW is 50 degrees and then he just plays 56 and 60 after that, is he actually playing the set gap wedge?
  4. I have tried several times this week to use BOLDBIRDIE to book a round and it never works. It won't let you check out. I tried several different "Deal" times. I even called Customer Service, they checked the times and told me that all of them must have been booked by the course somehow. Just not showing correctly on the website. Amazing. What a waste of my time.
  5. Any PING staffers putting these into play? I flipped through the website and didn't see a single one. But maybe it's not updated yet.
  6. I think they look pretty nice in PING's pictures. I don't really like a red color scheme but you can't see it from address so I don't really care. I agree they should have considered different sight-lines for some of them. For example, I think the DS 72 and the Tyne 4 would look so much better with a topline.
  7. True Temper Tour Concept #8 iron shafts - That's interesting. I remember those were flighted shafts so I'm guessing the flight with the short iron shafts is pretty low. Sounds like a good idea, but I didn't even think you could get those shafts anymore.
  8. These are up on PING's website now. One thing that's very interesting in that in some models the heel weight is steel and the toe weight is tungsten so that the COG lines up right. https://ping.com/en-us/media/news/2021/ping-2021-putters
  9. Trade interest: One of the new Phantom X 5.5s, 35 inches Tour Issue Taylormade Proto Daytona This head came from tour truck, I've never seen another one with black finish and no alignment Design idea was a blade design with High MOI Milled insert made by TM tour department Head weight 355 Stock loft and lie KBS CT Tour Black Matte shaft 35 inches Winn 2020 VSN Midsize grip Has never been used outside, Mint Condition No headcover Not sure where to price this since I've never seen another one in this finish $325
  10. The "stock" head is a good idea, but for $750 I feel like you have to give people their choice of alignment aid. And lie angle. I'm hoping more companies like Olson, Cody James, Lamb, etc. start doing more stock heads. There are lots of potential buyers (like me) who don't really care about all the tricked-out custom stuff. In fact I think some of it looks downright awful.
  11. Harwood is going to be available as armlock (when are these getting banned?), but it's also the only one that's a combination of aluminum, steel, and tungsten. A bit more complicated to manufacture and that's probably why it's more. It appears to have tungsten weights at all 4 corners of the head.
  12. Better too long than too short. But hey, I can cut it down for you if you want, after payment of course
  13. PING PLD Prime Tyne 4 Mint Condition Stock specs Stock headcover 35 inches I installed a PING Cadence grip I had, it was a little heavier at about 88 grams so I thought it balanced nicely on the putter. The grip is brand new. $550, now $500 Graphite Design AD-VR 6TX Tour Issue Length as pictured, the player played his driver a little shorter than normal Should play roughly about 44" with tip installed, or you can install butt extension if you want it longer Shaft is untipped No grip SOLD Accra TZ5 95 M5 (X-sti
  14. With Axis1 designs the shaft points directly at the COG in the putter head. So there's no "torque" for the putter to go in any direction. It sits toe up and spins freely around the COG.
  15. They probably have new milled putters coming. They always have another line where they try to use some "tech" and have lots of headshapes. To be fair, they are trying to give people the popular headshapes. It will really come down to how this new insert feels, to me the old Sigma 2 insert was way too soft. Anyway just thought I would post this from the Japanese website.
  16. I'm interested in them but from what I've seen all their putters are at least 370 grams. Just too heavy for me.
  17. Bad news. Hope it's not because the 1.0PT didn't sell very well. Because I would guess it didn't do well because it's just too small.
  18. The profile is slightly different, the $-taper HT is lower launch, it's actually closer profile to C-taper.
  19. The TR grooves weren't well received by their tour staff, and the reason is stated in the marketing for this new line - "the face features shallow grooves that provide consistent feedback no matter where you strike the ball on the face" From what I've heard the main issue with the TR grooves was inconsistent sound/feedback across the face, and this interfered with distance control for some players. I think this new line could be great - They have the consistent grooves back, tungsten weights... it's all going to come down to the feel of the new insert. Hope it's firmer than the la
  20. There's no right answer here, try both and see what you like. Without adding weight to the head you might feel that the head is too light. However if you add enough weight to get back to the same SW you might feel like the total weight of the club is now too heavy.
  21. That is nice. Very clean. How much toe hang with that neck?
  22. I was very interested in trying the new Zipcore Tour Raw with a custom grind. Specifically I wanted a 58 Mid with the heel grind. Figured this would be something like a Vokey M or D grind. However the website says they are no longer taking custom orders. I don't know if they were just overwhelmed with orders or what...
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