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  1. Just pulled these out of some MP20 heads I got. These play 1/2” short. The 5 iron is 37”. All but the wedge have lavender Iomic grip. I put a Golf Pride grip align +4 on the wedge to check the shafts before I changed them. .355 tip size. Stiff flex Sold
  2. The 2 wedges you'd like to test (complete with finish, grind, bounce, shaft, etc.)? HLX 3.0 Black Smoke Wedge 56° | 12° | C & 60° | 8° | C both with KBS High Rev 2.0 wedge shaftWhat is your favorite feature of the HLX 3.0 Forged wedges? Face shape, top line of the head, and most importantly made in the USACurrent wedges? Mizuno MP Series Raw, 56° and 60°Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? Yes
  3. Brand new Under Armour All Seasons pants with tags 32x32 $40 obo
  4. Can't believe I still have this. Just because I would rather sale to a Wrx'er than eBay I'm dropping the price again. Going to eBay after this. Thanks for looking guys.
  5. Scotty Cameron Circa 62 #2, 34". Looks great, white Golf Pride players wrap grip and Mint "The Art of Putting" head cover. Thanks for looking. $old
  6. Willing to listen to any reasonable offers, guys. Let's get these gone while on the first page!
  7. [quote name='MizzyBYU24' timestamp='1342850926' post='5320502'] How did you do the black oxide yourself? [/quote]Removed the plating and used Caswell's Black Oxide.
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