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  1. Is it really that difficult to comprehend? You get a shaft with the correct adapter and you dont fool with epoxy or tip prep...
  2. Monte's 300 Yard Impact comes with a nice grip on an solid, what looks to be fiberglass or resin type core...works great for working on things in tight quarters.
  3. I play them here in SC, havent worn a glove in about 10 years....they are great in humid conditions and even in the inevitable afternoon thunderstorms, I cant recall even worrying about my grip slipping. I clean them with warm soap and water and they feel like new.
  4. I was honestly telling myself Im too critical watching this coverage and logged in since they dont have any golf to show.....glad to see its not me.
  5. The Myrtle Beach, SC Golf Galaxy attached to the DSG just had 5 new trackman units installed. I was told all stores were converting. I was doing the electrical install and spoke to some corporate heads about it.
  6. Apparently I have gravely underestimated the importance of the API, with all due respect, I enjoyed the tournament but it's not as if BD just trounced the best of the world this week. He played great and won, congrats....just pump the brakes on crowning him as the next Tiger....
  7. I remember reading a story with Tiger playing with Fred Funk and he said FF was giving him the lines around the course off the tee by mower lines in the fairway and then would proceed to land his ball in them all day. if memory serves he called him the BMW, or "Ultimate Driving Machine" I dont think a great ball striker aiming at a precise target has anything to do with folklore, will they always succeed, of course not. But chances are, if they miss a tiny target, they're not going to be in much trouble.
  8. I always enjoyed watching David Toms around and especially on the greens when you could find him in coverage.
  9. Thanks to this topic, I picked up a TS2 16.5 and stuck a Fuji P95 @42.5" and it is stupid easy to hit. First fw I've put in my bag in over a decade
  10. I have a Titlelist 909 16* that is the longest club I have besides the driver. Carry-wise: Off the tee 260-265, off the ground is usually 245 unless I step on it and the stars align. I could never find a fw I feel better about. Not that I've hit any lately, its truthfully the club I trust most when I have to hit in tight spots and not fear the hook ☠
  11. The shaft in Sergio's 3wood is a surprise. He has a substantially heavier shaft in the driver and 5 wood. Do you think this is due to the counterweighting he uses?
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