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  1. -Handicap - 10ish -Mizuno Combo Set - JPX 900 Forged 4-7, JPX 900 Tour 8-P - Project X LZ 6.5 +1/4in 2 degrees flat -Self Fit with the help of Golfsmith Richmond -Worked in the golf industry as a fitter/sales for about 6 years out of college. I would love to have the opportunity to visit and experience the facilities of true industry leaders. I am a genuine golf equipment geek with enough knowledge to be dangerous, this would be a dream come true... Ben
  2. BestGrips is not a play on words. Was in the industry for years and have used it all. They are by far the best feeling and longest lasting grip on the market. Add the custom options and you get all you could want. Could not recommend Zach and Best Grips anymore! Ben
  3. ABOUT YOU =========================== CITY, STATE: Louisa, VA HANDICAP: 10ish ROUNDS PER YEAR: 40-50 HAVE YOU TESTED FOR GOLFWRX BEFORE? No CURRENT DRIVER MODEL================ BRAND: Ping G LS LOFT: 8.5 LAUNCH CONDITIONS=================== SWING SPEED: 115 DISTANCE: 300+ BALL FLIGHT========================== LAUNCH EXAMPLES: MID HIGH CURRENT PREDOMINATE SHOT PATTERN: Slight Draw/Straight DESIRED PATTERN: Fade BALL SPEED: 170-175 CARRY: 290ish LAUNCH ANGLE: 12-13 TOTAL DISTANCE: 300-315 SPIN: ~2300 SHAFT================================ MODEL: Oban Kiyoshi Gold WEIGHT: 75 SPECS====
  4. Highly recommend Lulu, best quality out there. Go try them on, sizes can differ between styles, and as stated by others, can run a bit small depending on your build and fit preference. The attention to detail and customer service is second to none. ABC pants and shorts, metal vent tech polos have been great in the southern heat.
  5. +1 for best grips micro perf. Brilliant grips in the dry, even better in the wet. No glove needed
  6. Thanks for the chip Greg, you guys got on that SLDR 3 wood pretty quick haha. Great work as always, it was a pleasure meeting you and again keep up the good work! Ben (on the right of pic)
  7. [quote name='pga43' timestamp='1379445462' post='7867065'] Tuesday @ East Lake for the Tour Championship and the WRX fans are out. [attachment=1880103:IMG_2197.jpg] [/quote]
  8. Another plus one for Chop Shop.. Had a set of 05 Rac TPs done by him a few years ago, black oxide.. They came back quickly and looked terrific. I too will highly recommend.
  9. [quote name='anser99' timestamp='1344816357' post='5457624'] Ping first offer into adjustable driver, will ping offer slection of individual stock shafts for sale? [/quote] In our shop we have them with the Ping shaft, the Ahina, and the RIP Phenom, stocked and ready for the 16th. Hope this helps. -Ben
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